Falkirk’s Tryst Theatre take “bomber” to the Fringe

Picture: The Lockerbie Bomber play is heading for the Fringe
Picture: The Lockerbie Bomber play is heading for the Fringe

Members of Falkirk’s Tryst Theatre will realise a long-held ambition next week when they perform for the first time at the prestigious Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

Award-winning Tryst are staging the drama ‘The Lockerbie Bomber’ by Larbert writer, and club member Alan Clark.

The 75-minute play which dramatises the search for the truth and justice by those who lost loved ones in the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie on December 21, 1988.

270 people died in what remains the UK’s worst terrorist atrocity.

Alan said: “Lockerbie has been described as ‘an open wound’, ‘a national disgrace’ and ‘an indelible stain on the reputation of Scotland and its justice system.’

“I wrote the play, my first, as a reminder that the 270 victims and their families still await justice. I started with an open mind but the more I researched, the clearer it became to me that Governments have systematically covered up the truth for nearly twenty-five years.

“Evidence withheld. Evidence fabricated. Witnesses paid for their testimony. Scottish justice reduced to the level of a banana republic. It stinks.

“My hope is that the play makes compelling theatre and allows audiences to reach their own conclusions about what happened that terrible night and in the years since.“

Tryst will perform at the Fringe as Nugget, the touring theatre company they formed specially last year to allow them to reach a wider audience with the play.

They’re sponsored by The Wealth Partnership, The BenRiach Distillery Company, Mitchells Roberton, F.L. Walker & Co and Tryst Gymnastics Club.

The cast is Carol Clark, Jim Allan, Alan Clark, Rhona Law, Brian Paterson and Craig Murray.

Alan added: “Over the years we’ve performed in Norway, Ireland, Israel and many parts of the UK but this is the first time we’ve appeared on the world-famous Edinburgh Fringe. It’s certainly exciting but also a bit scary to be performing alongside 2600 other shows!”

Dr Jim Swire, who lost a daughter at Lockerbie, described the play as a ‘searing and soul searching drama of international significances.’

He added: “It dramatically shows how absolute power corrupts absolutely and how individuals and nations are diminished by the lies told in their names.’

And top theatre critic Joyce McMillan of The Scotsman said: “This is a powerful, persuasive and passionate play.”

‘The Lockerbie Bomber’ is being staged at C Venues in Edinburgh’s Chambers Street from July 31 - August 13 at noon daily. Tickets, from £6.50, are available at the Fringe Box Office on 0131 226000.