Falkirk’s PaperSailor is all alone at the helm

Paper Sailor aka Falkirk musician Michael Wilson is a true one man band
Paper Sailor aka Falkirk musician Michael Wilson is a true one man band

A Falkirk musician is plotting a lone course through choppy waters and rocky seas to reach the promised land of musical success.

Following the route taken by his main inspiration, Nirvana beatkeeper and Foo Fighter frontman Dave Grohl, Michael Wilson (28) has stepped out from behind his drum kit to take centre stage as the main man - and, for the moment, only man - of the band PaperSailor, taking on drum, guitar, bass and vocal duties himself.

“I had been in a band previously,” said Michael. “We played together for about a year and were quite successful, playing King Tuts. Then things fell apart and after that I stopped writing, playing or doing anything with music for quite a while.”

The pull of music proved too great, but this time Michael was going to do things his way.

“I didn’t see why I should have to rely on anyone else. I’m a drummer by trade, but I picked up a guitar and started learning to play, then I started writing a few songs.

“I thought I’ll give it a go, so I went into a studio to record my song ‘Jamaica’ in 2013. I had done backing vocals with bands before but lead singing was all new to me. I heard my first attempts and thought, this is rubbish, why am I doing this?

“I took a wee break though and then came back in and just belted the song out. I let my friends hear it and the feedback I got was pretty good.”

Having found his voice, Michael, now working under the PaperSailor banner, captured five songs for an EP.

However, while recordings have been going well, he knows he will eventually have to involve other musicians if he wants to play his songs for a live audience.

“This is what I’m trying to figure out,” he said. “I’m thinking about getting one of my friends to help me out and we could maybe do some acoustic stuff to start with. My head is absolutely spinning with ideas and I’ve got to the stage now I need someone else to bounce them off musically.”

Visit www.facebook.com/papersailor for more information on Michael and www.soundcloud.com/papersailor to hear some of his songs.