Falkirk’s Media men still make mighty good music

The Media Whores play Falkirk bandstand
The Media Whores play Falkirk bandstand

When they are not sharing stages with punk rock royalty The Media Whores are in the recording studio coming up with pure sonic gold dust.

The Falkirk band’s latest long player ‘Pornophonica’ has been called the “best thing to come out of the area since the Cocteau Twins” and, having heard it, The Falkirk Herald would have to disagree.

The Media Whores are much better than the Cocteau Twins.

Following up their excellent 2011 debut platter ‘Starfishing’ was never going to be easy, but Craig, Doogie, Jimbo and Joe have surpassed it with an album that assaults the ears and kickstarts the mind.

The band’s “Fifth Element” Ally Gemmell said: “The Media Whores have become the go to band for many established groups as both touring partner and support act. They’ve gigged with everyone from The Beat to Eddie and the Hot Rods, to The Damned and Doctor Feelgood.”

Currently hooked up with punk supergroup The Bermondsey Joyriders and on a promise of some top class London gigs, The Media Whores deserve all the good fortune which comes their way for pouring their hearts and guts into something as stunning as ‘Pornophonica’.

Opening with the Bond theme-esque ‘Affluenza’ the album never ceases to surprise. From the bluesy jazz of ‘Black January’ to the straight ahead rock ‘n’ roll of dangerously catchy ‘Burlesque Blues’ to the Manics-like political passion play of CIA-bashing ‘World at War’, this recording shows what The Media Whores are capable of.

While most of the numbers are raucous and upbeat, see ‘I’m On’, ‘Just Because’ and the thunderous ‘King Kong’, there are changes of pace, with the funky ‘Sinside My Head’ detailing how a “bit of an ego boost” can lead to a trip “right off the rails” and the contemplative ‘Steering Wheel’ with its tales of “bad romance”.

‘Pornophonica’ is released on T.S.B. Records and The Proper Music Group on November 18 and is available to pre-order on Amazon, digitally and in old fangled CD format.

E-mail themediawh@yahoo.co.uk for more information.