Falkirk’s kelpies are rocking horses in music video

Falkirk rock band Weird Decibels’ new music video features a cameo appearance from a couple of 10-storey high horse heads.

The Kelpies don’t exactly need any free publicity, but the local four-piece showed them a little love anyway with a striking black and white, rock-noir drive-by in the video for ‘Joker’.

A rare political statement from the band, ‘Joker’ is the last single from the ‘Weird Decibel 1’ album to get the audio visual treatment.

Guitar-toting frontman Paul Smith said: “We had been looking to do a video for ‘Joker’ for some time. We recorded a kind of documentary of the band going to play a gig in Jim’s Bar in Glasgow and thought we could use the footage for that.”

The true-life, first person narrative takes the lads, Paul, Stu McCairney (guitar), Greg McSorley (bass) and Derek Menmuir (drums) on a road trip from Falkirk to the big city, taking in the sights - cue the Kelpies - along the way and captures the amp lugging life of a working band from home studio to laying down the set list for that night’s gig.

Weird Decibels celebrate their 20th year together in February 2015 and are planning to hold a big bash in the town to mark the milestone. Then they are off on their travels again, continuing their “cottage industry” approach to recording, to create a new album.

“We’re looking for a big lodge,” said Paul. “Either in Wales or the north of Scotland again. We’re planning to record all the songs live and then do overdubs later on. We’re halfway through writing the material at the moment and plan to record it in March then release it later in the year.”

Live gigs are on the agenda in the meantime and Weird Decibels have organised their own night of music at Glasgow’s 13th Note on Friday, August 22. Headliners are Cicero’s Secret with support from, The Dark Arts, Miss the Occupier and, of course, Weird Decibels.

The music kicks off at 7 p.m. with Paul and the lads the third band up.

Check out Joker on You Tube and visit www.facebook.com/weirddecibels for more.