Falkirk rockers Embassy are a mix of regal riffs and a rockin’ spirit

Embassy are preparing to rock out in Behind the Wall
Embassy are preparing to rock out in Behind the Wall

Falkirk band Embassy are the local ambassadors for Mick and Keef’s regal brand of rock ‘n’ roll.

The lads, who admit to being inspired by The Rolling Stones, are probably young enough to be Jagger and Richards’ grandsons - or at least Ronnie Wood’s girlfriend - but they still get fired up by the way the legendary oldsters light it up when they 
play live.

Guitarist James McManus summed it up: “I saw the Stones live once - they just go out and do it.”

His six string-slinging partner in riffery Aidan Buhrmann added: “It’s important to put on a really good show if people are paying to see you. That’s what the Stones do and that’s what we are trying to do every time we play.”

Punters can see this ethos in action when Embassy hit the Behind the Wall stage on Sunday - playing on the same bill as Electric Alice, Kallisto and The Crossfire.

James said: “If all goes to plan we may have a few copies of our new song on disc for people to buy. And we are planning something really special when we get our 1000th like on Facebook.”

Standing at 910 likes at the time of interview, Embassy, like most bands these days, are well aware of the importance of people logging on to leave evidence of their approval.

James said: “Venues looking to book bands aren’t necessarily looking at you or your songs these days – but how many people like you.”

Embassy have fans all over the globe, with likees from Thailand, Japan and Germany – and a certain smiling portrait of axeman Aidan has been a big hit in the Far East for some reason.

“That one photo got 171 likes,” said James.

While the band want to be successful, they also want to retain the respect of their fans – so there will be no quick route to stardom via the X Factor.

Four fifths of Embassy – James, Aidan, Alisdair and drummer Ian Simpson – were formerly in a unit known as Plastic Value, but their female bassist left under mysterious circumstances.

Callum Barrett then came 
on board to handle bass duties and Alisdair came up with the name “Embassy” – he was on holiday when an embassy came under attack and something about it stuck in his imaginative noggin.

After an intense period of rehearsal Embassy played a storming first gig at City Nightclub, on November 11, 2011.

Aidan and Ian are the main songwriters in the band, creating the tunes then bringing them to the rest of the lads who grace them with their own individual magic.

Aidan said: “Ian and I come up with a lot of the numbers sitting in a Ford Ka – there’s a lot of inspiration to be had in that car. Our new song ‘Sleepwalking’ is our favourite to play because we all had a hand in writing it.”

‘Sleepwalking’ will be released at the end of the year, but Embassy have already recorded and released an EP. Including the tracks ‘Words’, ‘Cute Poison’, ‘Another Day’ and ‘Pretty Little Liar’, the platter shows off their musical chops and limitless potential.

“All our songs are about girls,” laughed Callum.

When you consider the “done-in-one-take” bonus track on their EP is titled ‘It Was You Who Said Goodbye’, you get the feeling Embassy has a bit of an axe to grind when it comes to the opposite sex.

Hell hath no fury like a group of young musically talented blokes scorned.

Aidan said: “What makes the Embassy sound is the combination of the unique individual influences we bring to the band. My big influence is the Black Keys, but Callum likes the Stones and metal bands, Ian likes Oasis and the Stone Roses and Alisdair is into Kasabian.

“He’s also got a bit of that old Liam Gallagher stage presence.”

Visit www.facebook.com/embassyfalkirk or twitter.com/embassyfalkirk for more on the boys and the band.