Falkirk musicians Rob and Adam team up for solo CD releases

Adam and Robbie
Adam and Robbie

Two of Falkirk’s most respected musicians and “well kent” faces are teaming up to release solo recordings.

If you follow live music locally then you are sure to have come across Robbie Lesiuk and Adam Donaldson at some point during the last few years.

You can see them again at Behind the Wall on Thursday, December 5, when they perform songs from their respective new records, both released earlier that same day.

Robbie has been a member of more bands than even he can probably remember, most recently as bass man with Y’all is Fantasy Island, while Adam has been playing solo shows and hosting open mics the length and breadth of the town and its surrounding outposts.

Now both are ploughing their prodigious talents and chiselled chops into their own CDs, with Robbie producing both recordings, his own debut album ‘Nobody’s Listening’ and Adam’s second solo EP ‘Lie of the Year’.

Robbie said: “Adam’s open mic nights have been a great opportunity for me to develop as a solo performer and we’ve struck up a good friendship through our music, so it made sense for us to launch the recordings together at the same event.

“The songs on ‘Nobody’s Listening’ were written with Paul Tonner, who also illustrated the cover, and deal with doomed love affairs, haunted shipwrecks, Roman archaeology and movie robots.

“I used fingerpicked acoustic guitar and whatever instruments could be borrowed or found lying around the house.”

Robbie’s long-awaited debut deftly nods towards legendary troubadours like John Martyn and Nick Drake and also salutes contemporary minstrel of mystery Beck.

Adam’s second EP tells tales of affairs, self-deprecation and uncomfortable obsession and features his own distinctive singing and playing with Robbie adding some melodic touches to the mix.

The big launch night at BTW kicks off at 8 p.m.

Visit www.robbielesiuk.com and www.facebook.com/AdamDonaldsonMusic for more information.