Falkirk man can unlock the inner secrets of the human mind

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People’s innermost secrets will be fair game at Falkirk Town Hall when a mind reader uses his highly developed perception to pick the lock to their very thoughts and dreams.

Derek Heron will make a rare public appearance at FTH on Thursday, May 16, when he puts his talent and reputation on the line to tell people what they are really thinking.

He said: “Most people learn to read books when they are young. I learned to read minds.”

When Derek leaves the stage after his amazing show, the audience may think they have just witnessed something magical or supernatural, but the man responsible for their stunned silence is the first person to burst that particular bubble.

“I never claim to have any supernatural gifts whatsoever,” said Derek. “All I have is heightened awareness and a talent for reading people. I can create the illusion of being able to read minds using intuition, gut instinct and good old guess work - it’s something anyone can achieve through hard work.

“I did have a bit of head start though.”

Born with a hearing defect, Derek did not let it become a handicap - rather it became a launching pad for a highly successful career.

“I began to anticipate what people were going to say before they said it, using my heightened intuition and perception in order to get by on a daily basis from a young age.

“I just continued to learn how to expand on it until I could tell, just from body language and other factors, what people were really thinking.”

Now the “best kept secret of the corporate sector”, Derek not only uses his fully harnessed abilities to practice close up magic and illusion, his skills have also made him one of the most sought after entertainers and speakers - he has been booked by industry giants like Coca Cola and BP to give their staff the benefits of his unique talent.

So while Derek continues to deny possessing any supernatural ability, the wide-eyed people who experience his astounding act at Falkirk Town Hall on May 16 will still take some convincing they have not just witnessed something truly magical.

The show, which has to be seen to be at least partially believed, starts at 7 p.m.

Tickets priced £8/£6 will soon be on sale now at The Steeple Box Office.

Visit www.derekheron.com for more information.