Falkirk kids love the “MacGruffalo”

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The man behind an unmistakably Scottish take on Julia Donaldson’s ultra-successful Gruffalo series of children’s books caused a muckle fuss in Falkirk.

James Robertson visited Falkirk Library last week to read from ‘The Gruffalo’s Wean’, his translation 
of the classic book, and entrance the 80 or so youngsters who gathered to hear the familiar tale told in broad Scots.

The general editor of publishing firm Itchy Coo, and a contributing author to many Itchy Coo books, James has translated classics by Roald Dahl and A. A. Milne into Scots.

Itchy Coo’s Scots version of ‘The Gruffalo’ was published in 2012. It became a Scottish children’s bestseller and its sequel is following suit.

James said: “Itchy Coo has helped bring the Scots language to life for so many youngsters.”