Falkirk Bohemians take on Sandler

Falkirk Bohemians take on Adam Sandler's Wedding Singer
Falkirk Bohemians take on Adam Sandler's Wedding Singer

Falkirk Bohemians have set themselves a real challenge this year – transferring the magic of comedy king Adam Sandler’s magnum opus The Wedding Singer from the big screen to the local stage.

The 1998 film was a commercial and critical high point for Sandler. The 80s hits peppered throughout the movie made it a likely candidate for a stage musical and it made its debut on Broadway a decade ago.

The Bohemian’s new production, which runs at Falkirk Town Hall from Tuesday, October 27 to Saturday, October 31, is based on that stage musical and, like the film, will have its heart in the right place – albeit without the Billy Idol cameo.

Bohemian member David Young said: “We’re really excited to put this musical on for the first time. We’ve got a new production team this year and things are really enthusiastic and energised.”

They will need to be – The Wedding Singer is chock full of all singing, all dancing 80s pop inspired musical numbers as rock-star wannabe Robbie Hart tries to hit the big time as he makes his living as a wedding singer in 1980s New York.

Power ballads turn to minor key blues when Robbie is dumped by his bride-to-be and only the timely intervention of a decidedly Drew Barrymore-esque waitress can yank him out of his rut.

Performances start at FTH at 7.30pm each night, with a matinee on Saturday at 2.30pm.

Tickets are available now at the Steeple Box Office on (01324) 506850.