Dillinger band will become most wanted

Falkirk band Dillinger
Falkirk band Dillinger

New band Dillinger is hoping to make as memorable an impact as its depression era bank robbing folk hero namesake.

Leaving out a lot, if not all, of John’s criminal activities obviously.

You can see for yourself at Falkirk’s very own speakeasy, North Star, when the band plays its first ever live gig on Tuesday, December 30.

The Falkirk five-piece, Michael McKean (vocals/guitar), Niall McNaughton (guitar), Ross Lyon (guitar), Tom McBroom (bass/vocals) and Ryan Smith (drums/vocals) are more likely to appear in the NME than become public enemies though.

Dillinger grew out of the demise of popular local combo The Difference, a discussion involving gangster films and the introduction of a talented singer.

Tom said: “All of us apart from Michael had played together previously and when we got to jamming the new music came pretty quickly.

“Michael brought some fresh ideas and a new dynamic - straight up rock ‘n’ roll. Something to move around to.”

“It’s indie rock ‘n’ roll with a hook,” added Ryan.

Namechecking Shaun Ryder, Michael Bolton - yes, Michael Bolton - Noel Gallagher, The Beatles, The Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Keith Moon and Eric Clapton among their big bag o’ influences, the Dillinger boys write all their own material.

“You can waste too much time on other musician’s songs,” said Tom. “Our homage to the bands and artists we love is in the music we write.

“It’s fun to drop in maybe one or two covers now and again.”

After the big night at North Star at the end of 2014, Dillinger will fire into 2015 with plans to record some of their best numbers.

Tom said: “We just want to get out there and show people what we’re all about, playing live music is what we all love to do.” 
Michael added: “One day we may get to tell Piers Morgan about our struggles with prescription drugs, but for now I’m happy to play anywhere. Even if it’s my own bathroom - great acoustics in there.”