Denny’s Johnny and the Giros sign up for singles club

Johnny and the Giros are taking over Glasgow tonight for a single launch
Johnny and the Giros are taking over Glasgow tonight for a single launch

Denny band Johnny and the Giros will be bringing a taste of Falkirk to Glasgow tonight.

JATG are taking their popular club night to The Old Hairdressers to promote their latest single ‘I Don’t Need A Lover’ - and will launch four more singles over four months.

The band, who ran the popular Dead Hand Friday club nights in 20 Rocks earlier this year, will host a night in the Renfield Lane venue on the first Friday of the month and after each gig, will launch a single at midnight.

Gary Neil from JATG said their latest single is a bit different to their most recent electro influenced material and has a house beat.

Gary said: “People are comparing the new single to The Rapture’s sound which we are pretty pleased about. We like to mix things up, when we started out we were very indie influenced and then moved on to electro and now have a house sound.

“I think it’s good to keep things fresh.

“The single ‘I Don’t Need A Lover’ - which is not a remake of the Texas track by the way - will be a free download and available from midnight on Friday night. So when the club night finishes, people can download it straight away.”

The band are releasing the single on their own label – Dead Hand Records – and are taking care of all the promotion of the club night too.

Gary continued: “We started running our own club nights for gigs because it cut out the middle man.

“It means that if the night isn’t as busy or as good as we thought it would be we only have ourselves to blame. But it also means when the nights are totally amazing, we can feel smug that we did it all ourselves!”

The first JATG club night will be at The Old Hairdressers tomorrow, with Alan Hotchkies from White Vinyl Collective and the Vigo Thieves manning the decks on the night.

The next single launch night planned for Friday, November 2 with further launches on the first Friday in January and February.

‘I Don’t Need A Lover’ is free and will be available to download from midnight through iTunes, Amazon and all good online digital retailers.