Comedy pal in Falkirk for one night only

Comedian Craig Hill will be at FTH this month
Comedian Craig Hill will be at FTH this month

After chatting to Craig Hill for ten minutes you feel like you are one of his best pals.

And that is exactly what the comedian wants his audience to feel like too.

“I’m very inclusive and although a lot of my show is talking to the people watching, the humour is just cheeky, I don’t want to offend. I like to think of the audience as my friends, and if I wouldn’t say it to them, I should probably keep it to myself.”

The kilted comedian will play Falkirk Town Hall on Friday, November 9, bringing his very camp and very fun show, to the venue for the fourth year running.

His 2012 show ‘Jock’s Trap’ is a routine he is now very familiar with after a month at the Edinburgh Festival followed by a tour around the UK.

Craig said: “Although I’ve been doing ‘Jock’s Trap’ for months, I change the show every single night, no two are the same and I can’t possibly get bored or complacent. There is a lot of audience participation and so what happens comes down to what kind mood they are in. In fact, I think the funniest moments aren’t the jokes in my script, but the off-the-cuff remarks.

“I’ve got into my wee routine now, I do my festival show and then I do a prolonged tour around the UK. 
I tend to only do the tour at the weekends so I get to come home during the week and then spend my weekend making people laugh. It’s much better doing comedy at the weekend when the audience are more relaxed and can have a wee drink, and it’s my weekend too - I love doing stand up so there is nothing I’d rather be doing on a Friday or Saturday night.”

Craig has just returned from a whirlwind trip of New York and Toronto where he was promoting the UK for Visit Britain and was lucky to just escape Hurricane Sandy. Hours after stepping off the plane, he was entertaining the people of Paisley.

“It’s not a bad life is it? Getting flown around the world and being asked to represent your country but the gigs I look forward to the most are the local ones, where I can be really cheeky and outrageous.

“I do love Falkirk. I was actually at your star attraction recently as I cycled to the Falkirk Wheel from Edinburgh with friends.

“We were going through the tunnel just before the Wheel and I thought the acoustics sounded great so was singing ‘The Hills are Alive With the Sound of Music’ when then a huge group walked past and one of them recognised me and shouted ‘you’re Craig Hill’.

“It was funny because I had just been saying how I wasn’t as camp in real life, then I get caught singing Julie Andrews in a tunnel!”

Tickets are still available for ‘Jock’s Trap’, priced at £14 (£12), from the Steeple Box Office on Falkirk High Street or by calling (01324)506850. Due to the adult nature, the show is for over 16s only.