Bringing the blues back to town

Bad Luck 'n' Trouble in full flow at Grangemouth Music Festival 2011
Bad Luck 'n' Trouble in full flow at Grangemouth Music Festival 2011

Grangemouth’s very own blues rock crusaders Bad Luck ‘n’ Trouble are coming home next month.

Fresh from their appearance at Dundee’s Blues Bonanza, the band will play the Grangemouth Bandstand in La Porte Precinct at 12.45 p.m. on Saturday, September 1, then head down the street a few yards to rock The Tavern when the sun starts to set.

BLT’s line-up has changed and increased since it played the bandstand last year, with drummer Scot Docherty replaced by the amazing Alan Hall and Doug Smith adding his impressive vocals and harmonica to the blues mix.

Bandstand veterans Bruce Tait (vocals/bass), Iain Moffat (guitar) and Marty Blank (guitar/vocals) are looking forward to plugging into the mains and draining the power from Torchtown once again as they crank out their hard driving set.

Marty said: “We’ve been gig-hunting since we came down off cloud nine after Dundee and learning a few new numbers that suit our new line-up. Alan has been a revelation behind the kit and Doug’s righteous harmonica and vocals have helped us capture the true essence of the blues.

“We’ve played The Tavern before and it’s always a right riotous roadhouse of a night - it’s great venues like this are still putting on live music when so many places are going karaoke crazy.”

The Tavern gig kicks off after 9 p.m.