Big change for The Difference

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Falkirk indie rockers The Difference almost took the clothes off their idol Liam Gallagher’s back.

Well, they took a fair whack of stock from one of his Pretty Green Shops.

Don’t call the cops though - this isn’t a case of five-fingered discount, the lads earned the right to take their pick of the threads.

“It was payment for an acoustic gig we played at his Pretty Green shop in Glasgow,” explained bass player Tom McBroom. “After we finished playing the manager just pointed at one side of the shop and told us to take any clothes we wanted.”

“The pay’s been bad ever since,” grinned guitarist James Morrow.

The money may not be exactly flooding in, but The Difference are steadily building up an army of fans in Scotland’s music capital Glasgow with frenetic gigs at venues like King Tuts and Maggie Mays.

James said: “It’s just a better scene there - Falkirk is geared towards covers bands, but you can play your own stuff in Glasgow.

“The venues look after you - when you buy a pint they will give you five shots to go with it - and that’s before the gig.”

Tom added: “It’s great when people come up to us after a gig and say you sound different to all the other bands - we take inspiration from that.”

They certainly do - in fact it inspired the band’s name after brief flirtations with monikers like The Knockbacks and Wayside - as in falling by.

This line-up of the band, Tom, James, Chrissy Hall (vocals) Ross Lyon (guitar) and Ryan Smith (drums), has been playing together for just over a year, but they want to add one more member.

Tom said: “We’re looking for a real rock ‘n’ roll keyboard player to help us get a fuller sound and open up a whole load of musical options.

“We’ve got our act together and found a good balance with people who are committed to the band and have a good attitude.

“In the past we’ve had people who were just along for the ride - guys who were too young in the head.”

The Difference are currently recording their new four-track EP at Stirling’s Rodovox Studios under the wing of Roddy MacKenzie.

Featuring the band’s standout song ‘Soul Shaker’, a song that places a sense of self-worth above financial gain, the release will also showcase ‘Slut Envy’, an ode to jealous girlfriends taking the hump when their fella happens to eyeball a slick looking senorita, and ‘One Eye Open’, which is about keeping your wits about you - possibly when you are kipping next to that same girlfriend.

The band’s influences include 90s mainstays like Modfather Paul Weller, Oasis, Ocean Colour Scene, but add bluesy flavourings from Stevie Ray Vaughan and BB King laced with the percussion charge of Keith Moon and Cozy Powell.

“I don’t think we sound like anyone else,” said James.

Tom added: “People listen to the crap on the radio and the junk on the X Factor and they know that isn’t real music. People are finally waking up to the fact.

“You’ve got albums from guys like Jake Bugg who came out of nowhere and Noel Gallagher’s solo album.”

The band think there maybe and definite move back around to guitar groups once more and they are ready to ride that magic bus when it comes.

“I think it may be the new rock age,” said Ross with an admirably straight face, before laughing at his own words.

“We should have our CD in time for the new rock age,” he adds with a grin.

Glasgow may be their own particular musical oasis, but The Difference dipped their toe back in their hometown last week with a storming night at 20 Rocks and will play another Falkirk gig at Firkins on Saturday, supported by good pals The Banter Thieves from Motherwell.

Visit for more information and to put forward your name for the keyboards job.