Big Bad Wolf leaves the audience utterly uplifted

Big Bad Wolf impressed with their production of 'Annie'
Big Bad Wolf impressed with their production of 'Annie'
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Fun, heart-warming, and bursting with enthusiasm - everything a production of ‘Annie’ should be.

The Big Bad Wolf Children’s Theatre Company sixth annual production is running at Falkirk Town Hall until Saturday evening and the hard work and dedication of everyone involved is abundantly clear.

There’s not a bit of this show that’s not pleasing to the eye and ear with colourful staging and sets and crystal-clear sound and vocal performances.

Young Eva Caie gave a sunny and sweet performance of orphan Annie, holding her own impressively well through the notoriously-tricky song ‘Tomorrow’.

As a little girl who eventually goes on to win the heart of billionaire Oliver Warbucks, Eva won the audience not only with her angelic voice but also her ability to pacify a dog on stage as an added bonus.

Another delight of this production was how the company worked so effortlessly well together, with one of the highlights of this show being the orphans’ rendition of ‘You’re Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile’.

And with excellent and well-cast performances, particularly from Lynsey Higgins (Miss Hannigan), Stefan Alexander (Daddy Warbucks), Abbie Wishart (Warbucks’s assistant Grace), Darcey Wright (Lily) and Declan Smith (Rooster), this show made sure the audience on its opening Tuesday night was “Fully Dressed”.

Over two-and-a-half hours, the Big Bad Wolf had a firm grip on telling the tale of a 1933 orphanage in New York City.

The American accents were on form, and the uplifting spirit of the whole story came over 
very well.

As the story unfolded after Annie meets the influential Mr Warbucks, the main characters, proudly supported by the whole company and musicians, develop and gel in the search for Annie’s real parents and until this story meets its happy ending.

Other high points of this production were “Easy Street” performed by Miss Hannigan, Rooster and Lily, the radio appeal for Annie’s parents with Daddy Warbucks and Bert Healy (Ruaridh Blackwood), the “Hard Knock Life” hit, consistent performances by Drake (Scott Craig) and the servants, and the funny crisis talks among President Roosevelt (Ryan Young) and his cabinet.

After this performance, the sun definitely came out for the Big Bad Wolf.