Bad Name - good music

Bon Jovi tribute act Bad Name.
Bon Jovi tribute act Bad Name.

Fans of New Jersey boys Bon Jovi won’t have to live on a prayer to hear all the band’s hits at the Songbird Bar in Dunipace on Saturday.

Edinburgh-based tribute act Bad Name have a good reputation when it comes to delivering blistering live sets packed full of Jovi material.

All too young to have appreciated the band’s first taste of worldwide fame in the mid 1980s, the members of Bad Name caught up with the Bon Jovi magic through the 1994 greatest hits compilation ‘Cross Road’.

Playing their first gig in 2007 the lads, Ross Kyne (vocals), Gavin Buckley (guitar/vocals), Grant Dilworth (bass/vocals), Wayne Hamilton (keyboards/vocals) and David Simpson (drums), eschewed the looky likey route and left the wigs at home, going all out to capture the essence of Bon Jovi’s music over the last 30 years instead of their latest hairstyles or fashion faux pas.

Guitarist Gavin is the embodiment of this ethos, purchasing expensive instruments and equipment associated with Richie’s Rig - even considering getting his mitts on the infamous Sambora double necked Strat - in a bid to get the sound as close to the original recordings as possible.

The origins of Bad Name go back to 2002 when Gavin placed an advert on a university notice board looking for a Jon to join his Richie.

Wayne soon got on board the Bon Jovi express and the rest of the band gradually got on at stops along the way - with singer Ross joining after he read about the group’s vocalist problems in the local press.

Ross, a fanatical Jon Bon fan, brought with him a vocal talent that blew the band away.

A band spokesman said: “His vocal range stood him head and shoulders above the many that had previously auditioned - he nailed song after song and some which had previously proved insurmountable.”

The band had a major problem finding and hanging onto drummers, however.

While there were no Spinal Tap-style fatalities, there was no sign of a solid beatkeeper until David stepped in to drum for a couple of gigs and just stayed.

“He refused to give up the drum stool,” the band joked.

Line-up in place, songs learned and gigs booked, the band set about coming up with a name - a quest which took almost as long as their hunt for a drummer.

Before settling on Bad Name, there was “Slippery Quintet”, “Livin’ On A Prairie” and even “You Give Us A Band Name”.

Whatever you think of the name, you’ll love the music which blasts forth from 9 p.m. onwards at the Songbird on Saturday.