Album brings a new dawn for Fairweather and friends

Ross Fairweather's new band Fairweather and the Elements
Ross Fairweather's new band Fairweather and the Elements

Falkirk musician Ross Fairweather is about to breeze back into the spotlight with a new band and his best album to date.

Thanks to Fairweather and the Elements, Ross has the tools at his disposal to make music that really means something – to him and to others.

Featuring Ross (vocals/guitar), Deborah Lang (vocals), Iain King (guitar/vocals), Gary Neill (bass) and Scott Young (drums), with Roger Shepherd adding some keyboard magic, Fairweather and the Elements’ will release their debut album, Elements, on May 27.

Ross said: “I’m sharing vocals on this new album with Deborah and Iain. It’s the first band I’ve been in that’s had three strong vocalists and Deborah has added a lot of different dynamics to the band’s sound – people say its a bit like Deacon Blue.”

The band has yet to play live and are looking forward to a prestigious date at The Tolbooth in Stirling on June 25 with Ghost Writer and Three Blind Wolves.

“It’s an amazing place,” said Ross. “We will pretty much play the whole album live.”

Ross said: “This is he strongest material I’ve written, it’s got a theme and it’s got three different voices singing it.

“Elements is all about relationships, though not necessarily the usual relationships between a man and a woman you get in a lot of songs. It’s about relationships with your family and friends and even people you meet on a daily basis.

“It’s about realising the importance of all the different wee things that come together to make up your life. It’s an album to be listened to with earphones – an album that tells a story from start to finish.

“It’s not like I’m looking for attention from folk, but I feel I’ve got something to say and with this band and this album, I’ve got the means to say it.”

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