Men With Coconuts gig in Falkirk aiming to spread love of improv comedy

Men With Coconuts will perform improvised comedy sketches at Behind The Wall in Falkirk later this month
Men With Coconuts will perform improvised comedy sketches at Behind The Wall in Falkirk later this month

An award-winning improvisational comedy troupe plans to give Falkirk area residents their fix of funny in an alternative form.

Men With Coconuts not only want to send an audience into a fit of the giggles, the group’s also keen to teach others how to use ‘improv’ to its maximum potential.

That’s why the troupe has lined up an Introduction to Improv workshop, as well as an evening show, at Behind The Wall (BTW) on Sunday, November 25 as part of a drive to increase the art form’s popularity in Scotland.

The Edinburgh-based posse formed six years ago and have sold out several shows at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

They’ve also won a Spirit of the Fringe Award for their performances in Prague.

Steve Worsely, who has been a member of Men With Coconuts since its formation, picked out the Falkirk venue as a must-visit.

The 41-year-old Aberdonian, who now lives in Bainsford, is confident that there’s an appetite within his adopted region for improvised entertainment because of its many benefits which, he says, are not strictly limited to the comedy circuit.

As he looked ahead to the upcoming BTW gig, Steve said: “Having previously taught an improv workshop at Falkirk Town Hall earlier this year, we know that there is definitely a place in this town for our show and hopefully a blossoming improv community.

“I really like Behind The Wall. When I first came here I went to see a comedy show there and I thought it was a great venue.

“We always wanted to create an improv community and I thought Falkirk would love this kind of thing.

“It’s really rewarding to see people having so much fun.

“People use improv for various things like helping to improve their public speaking skills or their mental health.

“It’s a safe environment where you’re encouraged to relax. Hopefully we can establish it as a regular thing.

“We started off doing casual spin-off workshops. We now do everything from beginners classes to intensive masterclasses for professionals.”

Once the troupe have finished their BTW workshop, they’ll take to the stage for the main event and it’s one Steve and his fellow members are relishing.

Explaining the make-up of the show, he said: “It’s a mix of short and long form improv. The short form is similar to Whose Line Is It Anyway?

“The finale is an improvised musical where the audience gives us a title. Come along and have fun. It’s not like stand-up, we don’t pick on people!”

The workshop at BTW will run from 2-5pm on the day of the show. All are welcome to attend. To book a slot for £20, email Tickets for the show can be bought for £5 at by searching for ‘Men With Coconuts’.