Meet Grangemouth’s Curleez

Seven-year-old twins Ava and Carmen Judge have released a song for children’s cancer charity Fighting Against Cancer in Edinburgh (FACE).

The Grangemouth sisters told dad Chris, a vocal coach, they wanted to record a single to raise money for children suffering from cancer so he roped in songwriter Greg Friel and singers The Soul Nation Choir to help.

‘Forever Friends’ is available from iTunes among other retailers and the video has had over 5000 hits in just a few days.

Chris, who owns Voice Jam, said: “I was really touched when Carmen and Ava said they wanted to do this, so helped them make their dream a reality. They wrote the song, with a little help, and it’s a lovely tribute to anyone that has suffered cancer.”

The Sacred Heart Primary pupils recorded their very own music video in and around Grangemouth and mixed it with footage from a trip to Lapland for young cancer patients and their families the charity funded.

You can view ‘Forever Friends’ video here.