Local talent meets big names

Malinky to play Folk at the Tryst at FTH Studio
Malinky to play Folk at the Tryst at FTH Studio

One of Scotland’s folk supergroups will join an English duo who are taking the traditional world by storm to headline a night that also celebrates local talent.

The hugely popular Malinky will join forces with award-winning duo O’Hooley & Tidow to play this year’s ‘Folk at the Tryst’ concert on Saturday, May 23, in the studio of Falkirk Town Hall.

Taking their places alongside the big names will be members of Falkirk Folk Club’s project CarronCast, which aims to nurture and give a platform to talented locals.

“Carroncast is all about giving people experience as performers and also all the organisation and promotion that goes into events, developing skills such as MCing, for example.

“Most importantly, we’re working alongside top class professionals on the same bill, so that’s obviously going to drive up the performance.”

And there is no doubt that the professionals will provide plenty in the way of inispiration. 2010 Scots Trad Award winners Malinky are one of the most distinctive and accomplished performers in Scotland.

Said Stuart: “They are a phenomenal band – they are one of the biggest bands in Scotland. Although they’ve taken a break recently, they are back with a new album and it’s great to have them here.”

Centred on the outstanding voices of Fiona Hunter, Steve Byrne, and Mark Dunlop they are accompanied for this special night by the immensely talented young fiddler Robbie Greig, with further instrumentation including bouzouki, guitar, fiddle, whistle, bodhrán and cello.

Meanwhile, MOJO award-winning duo O’Hooley & Tidow have been hailed as one of the most exciting and talented duos to emerge on the English folk scene.

Performing alongside such fantastic musicians was a great bonus for the local musicians who are part of the CarronCast project.

But the town hall gig is far from the only thing that the local musicians have been involved in.

Stuart said: “It’s been a busy year for Carroncast - we’ve been doing a lot of community projects, such as the Steeple 200 celebrations and the opening of the John Muir Way, as well as just going out and doing community events like Burns’ Suppers or St Andrew’s Nights. “

The project has given people the chance to perform across the community and beyond with great arrangements, powerful vocals and harmonies and they have been growing in confidence as they gain experience.

Tickets are available from the Steeple Box Office on Falkirk High Street or by calling (01324) 506850.

Folk at the Tryst is part of the annual local celebration of the arts, the Tryst Festival, which runs until Sunday, when Falkirk Tryst Orchestra’s Spring Concert with Peter Alexander bring the fortnight to a close.