Larbert’s Horne answers the call for American tour

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Musician Davey Horne has taken a huge gamble to go on a tour of the USA.

Davey, from Larbert, has packed in his job to join American singer Nicole Atkins on a three-month tour.

He will play guitar in Nicole’s band and open the shows with his own country-folk music.

Davey (24) was finally granted a visa for the tour last week so quit his job fitting garage doors . He jetted off to the USA yesterday, with the first gig scheduled for this weekend.

“It was a panic trying to get the visa sorted so I’ve not had the chance to get my head around things. It’s a dream to do a tour like this. I’m going to get to see cities like Nashville and San Francisco that I’ve wanted to visit my whole life and the South by Southwest Festival in Austin, Texas will be incredible - it’s a dream come true.”

With the time restrictions, talented Davey has had to learn the guitar parts for Nicole’s songs just by listening to her music online and will only have a few days of rehearsals before the tour kicks off.

“It’s an amazing opportunity so I hope I won’t regret leaving my job. We are covering thousands of miles in a loop of the US, at one point there’s three days straight of driving - plenty of time for me to come up with new material.”