George Egg cooks up a feast while making audiences laugh

With a name fit for his show, George Egg is a comedian who cooks live on stage. Using unconventional methods and unexpected equipment, he combines the world of stand-up comedy with the world of food.

By The Newsroom
Monday, 2nd April 2018, 6:10 pm
Updated Monday, 2nd April 2018, 6:19 pm
George Egg brings his sell-out Fringe show to Falkirk Town Hall in April.
George Egg brings his sell-out Fringe show to Falkirk Town Hall in April.

The twist though is that he doesn’t use a kitchen or any familiar culinary utensils and yet, the food he produces is of top quality.

On Thursday, April 12 the comedian is bringing his second show to Falkirk Town Hall.

George said: “Food is something which resonates with everyone, it’s vital and interesting and it’s creative.

“This show is about how to cook without a kitchen. On a stage set-up like the inside of a garden shed I cook three plates of food, a breakfast, a lunch and a dinner, using the sorts of things you’d find there.

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    “I make pasta with a paper shredder and at the end I prepare the most mouth-watering steak.

    “It’s not some cursory gesture towards cooking, it’s gourmet cuisine. And there’s lots of laughs too.”

    George’s interest in food and performance started back in the nineties when he saw the anarchic French circus Archaos and enjoyed them so much that he got a job there, cooking.

    Watching the circus show inspired him to enter the UK comedy circuit and the idea of cooking on stage was born from real life experience being a comedian on the road.

    He said: “Touring around the country playing comedy clubs in different towns night after night meant I was staying in a lot of hotel rooms. Room service is over-priced and far too often it’s not very good quality so I started to see what I could cook in my hotel room using the appliances they unwittingly provide you with.

    “It was a mixture of creative mischievousness, a vent for my post-show adrenaline and a genuine hunger for something to eat.”

    But George insists his new show is about more than cooking: “It’s about creativity, and resourcefulness. It’s about inventiveness and thinking 
divergently and laterally.

    “I really hope it inspires people to look at problems from different angles and encourages them to come up with alternative solutions.”

    It’s set to be an evening filled of imagination and inventiveness.

    Tickets priced £12 for George Egg: DIY Chef are available to buy by calling (01324) 506850 or by email to [email protected]