Gala family fun for Denny and Dunipace

Last year's Denny and Dunipace Gala was a special day for queen Charli McGuickin and her pals
Last year's Denny and Dunipace Gala was a special day for queen Charli McGuickin and her pals

The resurgence of Denny and Dunipace Gala Day continues on Saturday with another fun packed afternoon.

Like the town centre, which is undergoing a long awaited renewal, the gala event made a comeback in 2014 after an absence of more than a decade.

Last year’s gala saw young Charli McGuickin crowned queen in Herbertshire Castle Park and it is Madison Haggart’s turn to shine in 2017 when Jessie Totten places the crown on her head just after noon.

Jessie’s husband, local football legend Alex Totten, will open the event and the parade leaves Denny town house for the park at 11am.

Bryans Coaches will once again be operating a park and ride system from Denny High School to the gala park and up to the top of the Ingleston turning point.

The baptist church will be running their Minions Picnic for any families who wish to join in the fun. They can be found at the bottom park.

There will be entertainment aplenty on the day with music, dancing and displays everyone can enjoy.

The last two years have enjoyed great weather and organisers hope this trend continues.

A day to remember for Madison and her school friends

The proudest people in Herbertshire Castle Park on Saturday will be the family and friends of this year’s Denny and Dunipace Gala queen.

Denny Primary School pupil Madison Haggart (11) will join the long list of girls who have had the honour of being named the town’s gala queen when football hero Alex Totten’s wife Jessie crowns her just after noon.

Making the day even more fun, Madison will be joined by a large entourage of youngsters who will also get their chance to shine in what is forecast to be a scorcher of a day – temperatures of around 26 degrees were mentioned by some – which is looking like being the best gala yet.

The event has certainly been blessed with some great weather since it returned in 2014.

When the traditional gala was axed in 2000 it looked doubtful that children like Madison would ever get the chance to take part in the popular annual event again.

However, Denny Community Council worked alongside the local heritage society, local businesses and volunteers to bring it back.

The full entourage for Denny and Dunipace Gala Day 2017 is: Madison Haggart (Queen); Lucy Fitzpatrick and Carlie Campbell (Ladies in Waiting); Calum Brodie and Jay Carlow (Heralds); Noah Maxwell, Logan Craig, Cooper Smith, Daniel McGuire, Jamie Rodger (Pageboys); Arianna Capanni, Sienna Cruse, Darcy Clark, Ellie Carroll, Emma Daly, Rebecca Auld, Sophie Anderson, Sophie Kirk, Lauren Dillon and Zunaira Aimed (Fairies).