Floating a good idea to bring music to canal

Dominic and the boys start their canal tour
Dominic and the boys start their canal tour

Water-loving musicians are taking a musical odyssey this week by sailing the Union Canal from Falkirk to Edinburgh and back, performing gigs along the way.

The Union Canal Tour by Edinburgh-based Dominic Waxing Lyrical featuring Dominic Harris and friends started on Tuesday and will float on until the weekend.

During the four-day ad hoc trip, the boys will be playing a variety of venues, even taking in Saughton Prison.

Singer-songwriter Dominic told The Falkirk Herald: “The point of doing the canal tour is to get away from regular venues and in doing so to play to people who don’t go to gigs.

“It is also to allow life to interrupt and inspire our music.

“We want to disrupt the usual hermetically sealed rock/pop experience that most musicians and their audiences ‘enjoy’.

“This is a great idea and one we’ll be pushing next year, based on our experiences with it this week.

“We are hoping it will connect Glasgow with Edinburgh eventually.”

The touring musicians – Dominic and his backing band, Riley Briggs from Aberfeldy and George McFall from Tenement Records – have already played at the Falkirk Wheel.

But they will also be drying off at the Blue Goose in Edinburgh tonight (Thursday) at 7.30 p.m. and you can catch them locally at Behind The Wall in Falkirk’s Melville Street on Friday – though it’s an early evening start at 5.30 p.m.

The Union Canal Tour follows the release of Dominic Waxing Lyrical’s long-awaited second album, ‘Woodland Casual’ which has been well-received by music critics so far.