Filmmaker Anthony Baxter who won’t play the game

Director Anthony Baxter (left), whose new film will be screened at Falkirk Cineworld as of Friday
Director Anthony Baxter (left), whose new film will be screened at Falkirk Cineworld as of Friday

He was the filmmaker that confronted Donald Trump and chronicled a tiny Aberdeenshire community’s fight against his golf development.

Now director Anthony Baxter is back with a new hard-hitting feature-length documentary, ‘A Dangerous Game’, which will be screened daily at Falkirk Cineworld from tomorrow until September 14.

It tells the story of how global big business and the cast of sometimes dubious characters it attracts want to turn some of the world’s most beautiful places into exclusive golf courses – and how local communities are trying to stop them.

The plans range from the bizarre to the seemingly 
ridiculous, including a space age resort overlooking a medieval town, a scheme to import thousands of tons worth of turf from the United States to the Middle Eastern desert and the increasing number of courses in China.

In each case the environmental damage is justified by trickle-down promises of jobs and money.

But Baxter discovers a colourful and increasing savvy objectors who reject the promises of riches and have decided to make a stand to preserve their communities.

They include a Croatian schoolteacher, a Scottish fisherman and Hollywood legend Alec Baldwin.

The film also documents Trump’s ultimately unsuccessful attempts to have a massive wind farm development planned off the coast of his new golf course in Aberdeenshire thrown out by the Scottish Government.

‘A Dangerous Game’ is likely to be enjoyed by anyone who enjoyed Baxter’s previous film, ‘You’ve Been Trumped’, which won multiple international awards and was screened by BBC2.

Described as a “David and Goliath story for the 21st century”, it told the story of a group of proud Scottish homeowners as they took a stance against a massive golf course being built next to their homes.

‘A Dangerous Game’ will be screened at Falkirk Cineworld from tomorrow. For more information, visit