Film festival at Bo’ness cinema ready to share the love

The Hippodrome audeince can look forward to a season of love
The Hippodrome audeince can look forward to a season of love

Feel the love this autumn as The Bo’ness Hippodrome hosts a special screening of Wings of Desire, thought to be one of the most romantic films ever.

The Wim Wenders classic is to be shown as part of the British Film Institute’s LOVE season on Sunday, November 1 at 7.30pm.

The Hippodrome is one of only 16 cinemas across the UK which will show the film, preceded by specially recorded audio piece by dark cinematic jazz band Tut Vu Vu.

During the film, angels Damiel and Cassiel are given a special task from the heavens to provide comfort for all the troubled souls of Berlin but are foiled by their own envy for the living.

When Damiel falls in love with a circus acrobat he is allowed to become a mortal but must complete a short orientation on earthly ways conducted by a fellow fallen angel.

The film is in German with English subtitles and features Bruno Ganz, Peter Falk, Solveig Dommartin, Otto Sander and Curt Bois.

The Hippodrome will “keep the love blossoming” with more from the LOVE season, which runs across the country from October to December.

Audiences at the beautiful art deco building in Bo’ness will be transported to an otherworld of angels for Powell and Pressburger’s masterpiece A Matter Of Life And Death Sunday, November 15 and a 1940’s boutique with a special festive screening of the James Stewart rom-com The Shop Around The Corner on Thursday, December 9.