Fame game from talented Falkirk Youth Theatre cast

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The talented young cast of Falkirk Youth Theatre had the perfect vehicle for their skills in Fame the Musical.

Set in the famous New York High School of Performing Arts, it saw budding actors, dancers and musicians all want to get on the first step of the ladder to fame and fortune.

The vibrant dance routines and catchy musical numbers were well suited to this enthusiastic company who packed Falkirk Town Hall at the weekend for four shows.

Based on the 1980 film, this musical tells the story of one particular groups of students, fame-obsessed Carmen (Jessica Wilson), ambitious actress Serena (Kathrine McKenzie), joker Joe (Luke Roberts), quiet musician Schlomo (Callum Mack), talented but dyslexic dancer Tyrone (Jamie McGinley), serious actor Nick (Andrew Stewart), overweight dancer Mabel (Ailish Ogilvie), and dancer Iris from a poor background (Hannah Coutts).

On this occasion it was the girls who just edged it in the singing stakes, with particular credit to Lauren Isles adn Annalissa Bailey for The Teacher’s 
Argument, and Jessica Wilson for both In LA and There She Goes!

But there always has to be one show stealer and on this occasion it was little Ailish Ogilvie as plump Mabel, the dancer who was always eating.

However, this was a team performance and everyone from director Amanda Glover to the youngest member of the cast should be proud of their efforts.

Cast: Nick Piazza – Andrew Stewart; Serena Katz – Kathrine McKenzie; Joe Vegas – Luke Roberts; Tyrone Jackson – Jamie McGinley; Carmen Diaz – Jessica Wilson; Iris Kelly – Hannah Coutts; Mabel Washington – Ailish Ogilvie; Schlomo Metzenbaum – Callum Mack; Grace ‘Lambchops’ Lamb – Erin Gray; Goodman ‘Goody’ King – Connor McMonagle; Miss Esther Sherman – Lauren Isles; Ms Greta Bell – Annalissa Bailey; Mr Meyers – Jake Cairns; Mr Sheinkopf – Adam Kelly.

Students: Mia Abdi, Isla Campbell, Jasmin Dick, Rebecca Doyle, Alan Gallacher, Sara Jack, Jessica Mackie, Rose Sinclair, Carys Balfour, Katie Borthwick, Kasie Campbell, Sarah Coulston, Erin Henderson, Niamh Richards, Jessica Stirling, Bayley Welsh, Skye Bell Burn, Roan Buckham, Holly Cunningham, Katie Ferguson, Amy Hansen, Alisia Fox, Lauren Johnston, Zoe Moore and Violet Steven.