Falkirk's 10 of the best '” July 26 onwards

Are you looking for plans over the next week? Here is a list of highlight events across Falkirk district.

Andre Rieu has put the class into classical and blows away the dusty cobwebs from this often stuffy, scholarly musical genre
Andre Rieu has put the class into classical and blows away the dusty cobwebs from this often stuffy, scholarly musical genre

1 Andre Rieu: Amore – My Tribute To Love

Cineworld, Central Retail Park, Falkirk, Saturday, July 28 (7pm) and Sunday, July 29 (3pm)

The one and only Waltz King returns to the big screen with another live broadcast for his fans to enjoy. Guaranteed to bring a smile to the face and a tear to the eye, Andre and his Quality Street family box of colourful Johann Strauss Orchestra players have toured the world and elsewhere and are renowned for taking the stuffiness out classical music and replacing it with pure joy for all musical forms.

30-05-2016. Picture Michael Gillen. FALKIRK. Bankside. Warehouse Night club. Venue that Russell Robertson (Smeegs) 27, had attended before being attacked and killed near Forth and Clyde Canal, Grahams Road Bankside. Two men have appeared in court following the discovery of a body in Falkirk early yesterday morning. The pair are alleged to have pushed Russell Robertson over a canal bridge and prised loose his hands as he clutched its rails. Mark Munro (30), of Denny, and James Robertson (26), of Westquarter, made no plea or declaration and Sheriff Derek Livingston continued their cases for further examination. The pair were remanded in custody. They are charged with assaulting Mr Robertson (27) by seizing him by the neck, pushing him over the railings at Bainsford Bridge in Grahams Road, and whilst he was hanging from the railings, punching him on the hands, prising his hands from the railings, causing him to fall to his injury and murdering him. After his death, Mr Robertsons distraught family paid tr

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    Visit www.cineworld.co.uk for more information.

    2 Jesse Bloch

    Warehouse, Burnbank Road, Falkirk, Saturday, July 28 (11pm)

    The sonic celebrity from Sydney, Australia, has elevated himself from bootleg master and occasional viral sensation to DJ superstar in a remarkably short period thanks to a performance style which shifts effortlessly between electro, bounce, psytrance, house and trap – his bootlegs of nostalgic classics and mainstream hits can even entice old fogies in the early 30s onto the dancefloor. As Jesse himself stated about the Warehouse gig: “I’m heading back to Europe to play some shows in some of my favourite places, so pumped to see you guys.” So don’t disappoint this top disc manipulater and get yourself down to the busiest night spot in Burnbank Road.

    Visit www.musicglue.com/warehousefalkirk for more information.

    3 Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again

    Hippodrome, Hope Street, Bo’ness, Friday, July 27, Saturday, July 28, Sunday, July 29 and Monday, July 30 (various times)

    There were chills throughtout the musical community when they heard there was going to be a sequel to Mamma Mia. Not that the film was not entertaining – it was a happy smash hit with Meryl Streep, Julie Walters and the other girlfriend nobody knows the name of belting out Benny and Bjorn ditties and dancing around a Greek island. No, the real fear came from the possibility former 007 Pierce Brosnan will be allowed to sing again. James Bond may have a licence to kill, but old Pierce sure murdered SOS good and proper.

    Go to www.cineworld.co.uk for more information.

    4 The Giant’s Loo Roll

    Falkirk Town Hall, West Bridge Street, Falkirk, Friday, July 27 (2pm)

    The production of Nicholas Allan’s much loved book is lots of fun ad giant loses his last roll of Andrex. Put together by the team who brought us the festive musical Father Christmas Needs a Wee, this TaleGate Theatre Production is a perfect combination of witty humour, fantastic music and amazing absorbency.

    Call (01324) 506850 for more information.

    5 Incredibles 2

    Hippodrome, Hope Street, Falkirk Thursday, July 26 (2.30pm and 6.30pm)

    Superheroes were really in need of rescue when The Incredibles first hit our screens way back in 2004, but after the success of that flick and the seemingly unstoppable Marvel/Disney juggernaut, every second film that comes to the cinema now features somebody with a great power and an even greater responsibility. In this new release we find the whole incredible Parr family back in action – big muscle guy, stretchy wife, speedy son, invisible daughter and weird laser eye shooting infant – to foil yet another evil plot by yet another supervillain. It’s a Pixar film so it Disney get better than this.

    Call (01324) 506850 for more information.

    6 Falkirk Blues Club

    Wine Library, Princes Street, Falkirk, Thursday, July 26 (7.30pm)

    Falkirk Blues Club celebrates its birthday milestone tonight (Thursday) with some scintillating live music on two floors of its HQ, allowing blues fans to check out Al Brown and the Bluelighters on the top floor and Karel Kalaf and Alejandro Rey on the bottom floor.

    Visit www.falkirkbluesclub.com for more information.

    7 Larbert Cup: Play Station 4 Football Tournament

    Larbert Library, Hallam Road, Larbert, Wednesday, August 1 (2pm)

    This competition is about digital dexterity in more ways than one as Larbert Library opens its doors to video gamers and sets them the challenge of scoring plenty of goals and conceding few on Pro Evolution Soccer. The best of the best will win their way through to the final and go for glory as their wee pixelated players give their all to lift the cup.

    Call (01324) 503590 for more information.

    8 P in the Park

    Bonnybridge Library, Bridge Street, Bonnybridge, Monday, July 30 (11am)

    Forget T-in-the-Park – this is where the real fun is at, with crafts crafts and other fun activities for children aged 5 to 12 to make something fantastic to take home and show off. Craft sessions cost £2 and tickets should be obtained in advance from the library.

    Call (01324) 503295 for more details.

    9 Lego Club

    Meadowbank Library, Stevenson Avenue, Polmont, Saturday, July 28 (11am)

    The first rule about Lego Club is ... there are no rules, you can build whatever your imagination can come up with. That was the whole ethos of the popular Lego Movie and that’s what the Lego Club is all about too. The venue supplies the bricks and you supply the creativity so come along and see what amazing things you can build.

    Call (01324) 503870 or e-mail [email protected] for more information.

    10 McFleetwood

    Warehouse, Burnbank Road, Falkirk, Friday, July 27 (7pm)

    Rumour has it Scotland’s leading Fleetwood Mac tribute act are playing the Warehouse tomorrow (Friday) night. No, they’re not pulling your chain, it’s true.

    Visit www.musicglue.com/warehousefalkirk for more.