Falkirk’s 10 of the best — September 13

An epic tribute to the one and only Kate Bush takes place at Falkirk Town Hall
An epic tribute to the one and only Kate Bush takes place at Falkirk Town Hall

Here are our entertainment picks of the week across Falkirk district.

1 Cloudbusting: 40 Years of Kate Bush

Falkirk Town Hall, West Bridge Street, Falkirk, Saturday, September 15 (7.30pm)

Scientists have carried out long studies and endless research to try and find some clue why there are such beings in the world as Kate Bush fans. The only solid conclusion they have come up with so far is they probably like Kate Bush. This top tribute show is a reward for those dedicated – some would say misguided – fans of Kate Bush who did songs like Wuthering Heights and the myriad of well known material she is known for belting out.

Call (01324) 506850 for more information.


Falkirk Town Hall, West Bridge Street, Falkirk, Sunday, September 16 (8pm)

Four of Scotland’s finest female fiddlers – two from Shetland and two from the Highlands – have made a big impression on the British folk scene – gaining a nomination for Folk Band of the Year at the Scots Trad Awards 2016 and now Bethany, Jenna, Lauren and Anna will make beautiful music for the good people of Falkirk.

Call (01324) 506850 for more information.

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3 Build the Antonine Wall in Lego

Grangemouth Library, Bo’ness Road, Grangemouth, Saturday, September 15 (10.30am)

Now here’s a question about the Romans – and it’s nothing to do with Monty Python. How much of the world would they have conquered if they had access to Lego? Normal Lego Club activities have been suspended for this special session to coincide with Big Roman Week. Will there be enough blocks available to construct a scaled down plastic version of the world famous Roman construction?

Call (01324) 504690 for more information.

4 Children’s Orchard Activities – Biodiversity

Kinneil Estate, Bo’ness, Saturday, September 15 (1pm)

Scotland’s official midge holiday home is opening its doors to family friendly workshops where young and old can find out more about biodiversity and orchards. As well as the apple-tastic fun in the orchard, Big Roman Day will be making its presence felt in the estate grounds on the day so visitors can check that out as well.

Call (01324) 590900 for more information.

5 Batwalk with Batability

Cafe courtyard, Muiravonside Country Park, Whitecross, Saturday, September 15 (7.45pm)

There’s no doubt these handgliding mice are fascinating creatures and not the scary blighters portrayed in Dracula flicks. Bat fans can wrap up warm and bring a torch to Muiravonside Country Park to look for any of the five species of winged wonders, learning all their secrets from a designated bat expert.

Call (01324) 590900 for more information.

6 Recent Archaeological Work in the Falkirk District by Geoff Bailey

Trinity Church, Manse Place, Falkirk, Wednesday, September 19 (7.30pm)

Falkirk’s fact tracking answer to whip cracking Indiana Jones, Geoff Bailey, pictured left, will be talking about the Falkirk area’s wealth of archaeological sites, including the tidal mill at Higgins Neuk, the Roman fort annexe at Mumrills, Roman temporary camps at Carmuirs and the designed landscape at Kinneil.

Call (01324) 506850 for more information.

7 Warehouse Fridays

Warehouse, Burnbank Road, Falkirk, Friday, September 14 (11pm)

There aren’t many reasons to wander down Grahams Road on a wet and windy September evening, but the draw of the beats provided by the Warehouse DJs has people flocking down the Burnbank Road in Walking Dead like herds every week. Martin Langer will be playing some banging dance and chart remixes in the main room while Scott Rae’s karaoke and 70s to 90s classics serve up a cheesy change of pace in room two.

Visit www.warehousefalkirk.co.uk for more information.

8 The Lodger: A Story of the London Fog

Hippodrome, Hope Street, Bo’ness, Saturday, September 15 (7.30pm)

Alfred Hitchcock’s third film, 1927 silent thriller The Lodger, was made over 30 years before Psycho, but it shows the master of suspense – and cameos – in fine form and displays his career-long willingness to place blondes in dangerous situations. When mysterious lodger Ivor Novello – yes, that fella – moves into a boarding house, women with fair hair start buying the farm. This Hippodrome Taste of Silents film is accompanied by some suitably sinister live music from Stephen Horne.

Call (01324) 506850 for more information.

9 Iain Stirling: U OK HUN? X

Falkirk Town Hall, West Bridge Street, Falkirk, Wednesday, September 19 (8pm)

The guy who does the rib-tickling voiceovers for those popular annual public information films about the dangers of unprotected sex in far flung places, Iain Stirling is also an award- winning comedian. In this show, he will talk about modern life and probably mention a certain reality TV programme on 50 separate occasions.

Call (01324) 506850 for more information.

10 Falkirk Folk Club presents: Ninebarrow

Tolbooth Tavern, Tolbooth Street, Falkirk Thursday, September 13 (8pm)

Award-winning folk duo Ninebarrow – Jon Whitley and Jay LaBouchardiere – grace their original songs, which are rooted in the landscape and history of the British Isle, with some breathtaking vocal harmonies – described by Bolton’s greatest music pontificator Mark Radcliffe a sounding “like two halves of one voice” – and marvellous melodies.

Visit www.falkirkfolkclub.co.uk.