WATCH: Katy Perry leaves seven-year-old fan from Carronshore starstruck

Little Jessica Laing was told off for staying up past her bedtime – by pop superstar Katy Perry.

The young Carronshore primary pupil was in the front rows of the California Girls singer’s show at the SSE Hydro in Glasgow last Sunday 

Dad Scott took Jessica Laing (7) along to her first concert.

Dad Scott took Jessica Laing (7) along to her first concert.

And she was picked out by the platinum-selling artist as dad Scott held her in his arms to dance along at the concert and then had her favourite song dedicated to her.

Perry said: “It’s way past your bedtime,” before asking Jessica her age and striking up a conversation during a break between songs.

Dad Scott, from Camelon, said the seven-year-old has been starstruck ever since her brush with fame.

“She’s been hyper,” the Falkirk station firefighter told The Falkirk Herald. “The two of us were absolutely buzzing and each day I picked her up from the last week at school the first thing she did was take my phone to watch it again on Youtube.

“It’ll live with her forever.”

Jessica added: “I didn’t know what to think. I never thought it would happen. I was so excited.

“Katy Perry is my favourite singer and I told her my favourite song is Roar.”

So the pop star from Santa Barbera, California picked her out a little again later into the concert and moments before singing the 2013 number one hit and yelled “Jessica, I’m ready to roar!” and dedicated the song to the seven-year-old.

Dad Scott added: “Roar is her favourite song and we sing it together in the car and whenever it’s on.

“She’s been mad about Katy Perry for as long as I can remember, so I’d promised her the next time she came to Scotland we’d go to see her.

“I had the tickets for a year but held onto it and she got it on her birthday in May. It was her first ever gig so we’d bought lots of merchandise like T-shirts and a programme – it cost me a fortune – but that chat with Katy Perry was something that money couldn’t buy.”

The pair were so excited they missed their ride home and dad had to fork out more cash for a taxi – but insists it was worth it.

“She was right it was well past her bedtime – it was about 11pm when they were speaking! It was a brilliant show and we were so excited we missed the last train back and had to take a taxi up the road – but it was worth it.

“It’s something she will never forget.”