Dionne hosts Rosyth rave-up as her own big day beckons

Dionne Hickey at PKD festival 2017 in Rosyth with A1, Bewitched and Atomic Kitten
Dionne Hickey at PKD festival 2017 in Rosyth with A1, Bewitched and Atomic Kitten

Falkirk’s very own homegrown pop sensation Dionne Hickey added a new string to her bow when she hosted the annual PKD festival in Rosyth.

Not only was the young singer belting out some tunes in front of thousands of music fans – something she is well used to – she was also acting as host for the event and introducing all the great acts who appeared alongside her.

Dionne said: “There was S Club, A1, Atomic Kitten and Bewitched, and I loved every minute of it. I went on between acts and sang a few songs and then, when they were ready to go on, introduced the next act, giving them a big build up.

“I was a bit nervous about it beforehand, but when I got through there the crowd were so amazing. It was great. I actually get more nervous when I’m singing to a venue with just a few people watching me.”

The singer-songwriter has performed in front of massive crowds at the Pride concerts in Manchester and Edinburgh and a concert in the athletic village during the Glasgow Commonwealth Games.

The former Larbert High School pupil was the youngest singer featured in the 2014 BBC1 documentary Viva Variety, about the life and times of club and pub singers.

After her success last Saturday Dionne admitted she would love to try similar presenting roles in the future and has been asked back to host PKD again in 2018.

Her hosting the event had actually been written in the stars for some time because it turned out organisers had been keeping an eye on her singing career from afar for a number of years.

“They said this was the year they felt I was ready to do this,” said Dionne, who has actually cut down on her performing engagements and taken on a full-time job with the NHS.

“I had actually been a singer and performer full-time up until April this year. I was gigging such a lot I never got much chance to see my friends and family so I decided to take a step back.

“I’m also getting married in December so I’m still doing shows at the weekends to help pay for that.”

Lucky groom-to-be Chris Barrett will no doubt be one of scores of fans at the reception urging his new wife to step up to the mic and give guests a few numbers.

“I’ve said I won’t be singing, but I’ll see how it goes when I have a couple of drinks,” laughed Dionne.