Alan Bissett readies new one-man play on Falkirk

Alan Bissett has written a new play based on Falkirk's history
Alan Bissett has written a new play based on Falkirk's history

A new one-man comedy play based on the past, present and future of Falkirk will tour the district in June.

Written and performed by Alan Bissett, the well-known author and playwright from Hallglen, ‘What the F**kirk’ promises to offer a light-hearted look at the story of the town and its surrounding communities.

It was commissioned by Falkirk Community Trust to celebrate its success at the 2014 Creative Place Awards, which led to three community projects which explore the idea of ‘home’ and what Falkirk means to different people.

The play will tour small local venues, including Hallglen Sports Centre and Bonnybridge Community Hall, from Wednesday, June 3 - Sunday, June 14.

More details will be published in the coming weeks.

As previously reported in The Falkirk Herald, Bissett has also been working with local writers on a new book, which will be published by Cargo on June 1.

‘Alight Here: An Anthology of Falkirk Writing’ mixes 20 pieces of new writing and poetry by authors living and working in Falkirk and by those with a close connection to the area, including Janet Paisely and Aidan Moffat.

Speaking in January, Bissett said: “It’s about being from a particular place and what that means. One of the aims of both these projects is community - to make people realise they are from a specific place.

“What people do now is come home from work and go straight on Facebook, or watch the telly, or play the X-Box or whatever. That whole idea of community people don’t quite take it as seriously anymore.”