A great find in the heart of the capital - and taco deal is sweetener

Buzzing atmosphere shows Wahaca is a popular eating place
Buzzing atmosphere shows Wahaca is a popular eating place

Where to go on a drizzly Tuesday evening in Edinburgh when you’ve been on your feet for most of the day?

Well somewhere not too far from the train station if that is your mode of transport and Wahaca fits the bill nicely.

We were heading for George Street, but rain and, if I’m being honest, high heels put paid to that plan when we spotted the interesting menu outside this restaurant just a few yards from Princes Street.

When you’ve just spent the afternoon having tea with HM The Queen – how’s that for name dropping! – you’re not too sure how much you may want to eat.

The spread she put on at the Holyrood garden party was spectacular, dainty sandwiches, scones and delightful cakes, but you don’t like to eat too much when there are several hundred more in the queue behind.

But another attraction of Wahaca was that it offers lots of little plates – the Mexican equivalent of tapas.

For those with bigger appetites there are plenty of other larger selections, but be warned they are big and I didn’t see many plates being cleared.

It seemed that Wahaca – the chain was founded by former Masterchef winner Thomasina Miers and this is the first in Scotland – is the place to go on a Tuesday evening as we had to wait in the pleasant cocktail bar for 20 minutes for our table.

However, all was explained very quickly by waiter Julio who said that it was Taco Tuesday and on this day your first serving of three tacos is only £1.

But what else to choose?

We started with a dish of very tasty, chunky guacamole and tortilla chips as we perused the menu. We decided on two dishes each and another to share.

I chose the fire-roasted cactus and courgette tacos, while Christie went for the steak version. Both were very moreish but we told ourselves that we still had plenty more to sample.

Next up was the chicken club quesadilla which was packed with avocado and salsa giving it just the right level of ‘kick’.

I’m sure the corn, black bean and guacamole tostado was good, but I didn’t get the chance to try as it was demolished in double-quick time.

However, the buttermilk chicken taco with habanero, white onion relish and a spiced mayo was dutifully shared and it was excellent.

We decided it was time to stop there if dessert was to be partaken – something I think the couple at the next table wished they had done as dish after dish was brought. And that was after the waiter dissuaded them from ordering more!

But we still had room for the churros. Light, crispy and dredged in cinnamon sugar, these Mexican doughnut strips were delicious and even more so when dipped in the strong dark chocolate sauce.

Wahaca had a buzzing atmosphere on a wet, midweek night ... obviously the word about the taco deal has got around.


16 South St Andrew Street, Edinburgh

Tel: 0131 202 6850

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