Denny based writer completes third novel

Kirkland Ciccone
Kirkland Ciccone

Young adult author Kirkland Ciccone says he’s completely comfortable in his genre after producing his third novel.

The Denny-based writer says he has high hopes for the new venture, North of Porter, which is hitting book shops this week.

He said: “I was recently asked in an interview if I was going to eventually stop writing young adult and write adult fiction, but writing for teenagers and young adults is what I do and what I’ll continue to do.

“It’s a growing market with parents also reading along.

“I really hope that this book helps to get the word out there to more people as I do have quite a cult readership.”

North of Porter is about a teenage boy who takes on a serial killer in a small town armed only with a handbag.

He added: “I like to think of it as like Guardians of the Galaxy on a council estate.

“And no it’s not my autobiography!”

As well as publishing his third book, Kirkland has appeared at the Edinburgh Book Festival, STV and the Janice Forsyth radio show.

He is also a regular guest at school libraries.