Denny band The Pseudos get kudos

The Pseudos are making their mark
The Pseudos are making their mark

Hot new Denny band The Pseudos have a name that suggests pretence and falsehood.

Don’t be fooled though, Jake Mackie (vocals/guitar), Lewis Cunningham (bass/vocals) and Ryan Cruse (drums) are the real deal who have the chops to hit the top.

Influenced by and linked with The Leads, the trio of 17-year-olds are more than ready to follow in the footsteps of that early 21st century Denny phenomenon.

The Falkirk Herald met up with The Pseudos at The Red Hoose in Dunipace then proceeded to follow them on a not-so-magical mystery tour to their dream photo shoot location – the banks of the River Carron.

Well, the lads have penned a song called ‘River Bursts its Banks’, so that almost made sense to an aging reporter forced into a long walk on a hot afternoon.

That song, which is about pressures of school life and other teenage stresses, is one of four which will appear on the band’s forthcoming debut EP. The other tracks are live gig warm up ‘Intromental’, Coral tribute ‘Bill McKay’ and ‘A Better Place’.

Singer Jake, the nephew of well -kent Falkirk bass man Doogie Mackie, said: “I wrote ‘A Better Place’ as a Beatles-type love song. It’s really for a girl called Robyn – if she reads this she might even talk to me.”

The Pseudos will have Robyn and a few more people talking to them if their rapid music development continues.

Jake said: “Liam and I started up The Pseudos at Denny High School when we were 14. We had a girl drumming for us, Sarah Moon, but she left, so we got Ryan about a year ago.”

“Since Ryan joined we’ve been going from strength to strength,” added Lewis.

The band have played eight gigs with former St Mungo’s High pupil Ryan at the kit – most recently at McQs in Bannockburn last Friday and Vinnie’s Bar in the Raploch last Saturday.

Jake said: “We just want to try and get a lot of attention for the band. It’s really hard to get the message through to people sometimes to get them to come to our gigs and enjoy our music.”

Veterans of the successful youth music initiative Rock the Talk, the lads have gone out on their own, organising their very own band night in Denny’s Crypt Hall on Friday, July 22.

The night, which runs from 6 p.m. to 11 p.m., will feature The Pseudos and three other bands, along with talented musicians from Denny and St Mungo’s high schools providing acoustic supporting sets.

Slipping some of their own promising songs among a set of covers of tracks by The Jam, Fratellis, Kings of Leon and Arctic Monkeys, the band’s main influence is that most powerful and tight-knit of musical units - the guitar, bass and drum trio.

Jake said: “We like The Who, AC/DC and, of course, The Jam. And guys like Jack White and Paul Weller who are all about the music.”

Ryan said: “Jake comes up with a guitar riff and then we will add our own stuff to the song. We really gel together well as a band.”

The Pseudos rehearse every Wednesday night in Lewis’s garage.

Jake said: “We usually try to rehearse for about an hour, an hour-and-a-half - we can go longer.”

“We actually tend to have longer practices when we don’t have any gigs coming up. When a gig’s coming we rehearse less,” said Ryan.

Lewis said: “My neighbour is 90-years-old and we’ve had no complaints about the noise so far.”

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