Comedian Ivo Graham says upcoming Falkirk gig will be an emotional rollercoaster

Comedian Ivo Graham is all set for a performance at Behind The Wall in Falkirk. Picture: Matt Stronge
Comedian Ivo Graham is all set for a performance at Behind The Wall in Falkirk. Picture: Matt Stronge

Those who enjoy the thrill of being thrown from side to side while trying to keep down their dinner should brace themselves for a white-knuckle show destined for Falkirk.

Comedian Ivo Graham has advised members of the audience to buckle in for an emotional rollercoaster as he prepares to bring his Motion Sickness tour to Behind The Wall (BTW) later this month to discuss the realities of entering and embracing adulthood.

The Eton-educated stand-up has been on his own hair-raising ride since devising the title for the show after getting engaged and becoming a father earlier this year.

Ivo (28), whose television appearances include Live At The Apollo, Mock The Week and Live from the BBC, initially wrote the show from the perspective of a young man trying for a family.

Anyone who saw Ivo at the 2018 Edinburgh Festival may recognise some of the material at the BTW gig, however, it will now also feature the self-aware comic’s personal take on fatherhood and all that it entails, along with some “sizzling audience banter”, in his own words.

Ivo’s debut Falkirk show is one of six he has lined up throughout Scotland — a country he regularly visited as a child and one his family has a strong fondness for.

Looking ahead to the run of performances, which will take Ivo as far north as Ullapool and Stornoway, he said: “My agent had been in contact with someone who organises Scottish Highland tours, I believe they are done as a package!

“I love Scotland, my family spent a lot of time there. We’ve got relatives in Stirling and travelled round the Highlands when I was younger.

“It’s a show I did at the Edinburgh Festival last year about growing up, handling more responsibilities, facing up to those and embracing a slightly more domestic life.

“I’ve got engaged and I’ve been moving up the notches of the seriousness of the relationship and we started trying for a baby and have now had that baby, so I’m now on the frontline reporting on proceedings.

“The show from last year is about whether we are ready to have a baby and it feels quite weird now that we do. But I’m now ploughing on with some new material and that will become the show I do at the festival this year.”

Influenced by British sitcom Peep Show, Ivo entered the comedy scene in 2009 and became the youngest ever winner of the prestigious So You Think You’re Funny award for new acts at the Edinburgh Festival.

He’s now a regular fixture on the live comedy circuit and has broken into the television industry, where he is still feeling his way around.

Ivo joked: “With live shows, if they go wrong the audience have only wasted an evening and will forget it — anything recorded on film is there forever!”

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