Braw Craw collection play Falkirk

The Craws will play Behind the Wall on July 7
The Craws will play Behind the Wall on July 7
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THose kings of countrified blues boogie The Craws have just kicked their high flying fledgling album out of the nest.

Recorded at CHEM 19 Studios in Hamilton last December, the 12-track CD has a great title, ‘From Graceland to the Barrowland’, and an even better collection of songs.

The band, Alex Paterson (vocals), Stephen Myles (guitar/vocals) Alan Stewart (guitar/vocals), Stevie McIlwaine (bass) and John Barrie (drums), let their tunes do the talking, so here we go:

‘Still Ain’t Got the Blues’ - Whisky-soaked country hopper of an opener.

‘Last Dollar’- More country with pedal steel jangle and glassy guitar solo.

‘Communication Blues’ - Drums and bass give way to man v woman tale with Tex Mex Hank Marvin reverby guitar.

‘Rising Shout’ - Slow burner which builds up to a real stomper at the end, kinda like a southern-fried U2.

‘Devil Tattoo’ - Riff-tastic intro leads to country Floyd/Gilmour guitar excursion

‘Fade Away’ - Bad boy falls for good girl and refuses to fade away into the background.

‘Avenue of the Americas’ - Not unlike the Stone’s ‘You Can’t Always Get What You Want’, this is the quintessential anthem about longing for something you are not destined to have.

‘In the Night’ - Sounds like Cornershop’s ‘Brimful of Asha’ with added chicken pickin’ string bends.

‘Jamestown’ - Song about getting away from a place, or a state of mind, features the killer line “I started out with nothing/but I’d give it up for love”.

‘Doin’ Away’ - Honky tonk romp about getting on with life.

‘Bask’ - Just try and stop yourself singing along with the “bask in the glory of love” chorus.

‘Don’t Give Up On Tomorrow’ - Great melodic closer to a terrific album of well-crafted creativity.

You can see The Craws live at Behind the Wall on Saturday, July 7, from 9 p.m.