Bonnybridge couple braced for ‘Come Dine With Me’ meltdown

Bonnybridge couple Cat Ure and Martin Langer (right) with the other 'Come Dine With Me' contestants
Bonnybridge couple Cat Ure and Martin Langer (right) with the other 'Come Dine With Me' contestants

It’s the popular TV cookery show that’s led to numerous on-screen arguments between contestants.

But an episode of ‘Come Dine With Me’ due to be broadcast this evening could trump all previous kitchen dramas on the long-running Channel 4 series.

I ran out the back door and slammed it as a cameraman was chasing after me

Cat Ure

Viewers can look forward to - or prepare to squirm with embarrassment - as a couple from Bonnybridge lose the rag thanks to an under-cooked main course and a chilled bottle of red wine.

Cat Ure (31) and partner Martin Langer, who regularly DJs at City nightclub in Falkirk, signed up for the programme after a friend alerted them that producers were looking for couples from the Greater Glasgow area to take part.

Cat, a club promoter, is a keen amateur chef and looked forward to putting her cooking skills to the test when the episode was filmed in April.

She planned a menu of grilled halloumi with smoked venison, pear and basil to start; a main course of cÔte de boeuf with garlic potatoes; and strawberry cobbler with mango sorbet to finish.

But things began to go wrong when Cat discovered her beef was under-cooked.

“It was still moo-ing,” she said. “I had done trial runs, but only for two people. I got my timings all wrong.

“I asked Martin to slice the beef and to cook it on the griddle - but I accidently added too much oil to the pan.”

As Cat was dealing with the prospect of a small fire starting in her kitchen - while surrounded by a film crew and with hungry guests waiting next door - she discovered Martin had placed an expensive bottle of red wine in an ice bucket outside.

“I lost the plot. I ended up running out of the back door and slamming it as a cameraman was chasing after me,” she said.

“By this point I had completely forgotten I was still wearing a microphone. I was sitting outside sobbing, saying I wanted my mum.

“Martin kept telling me: ‘stop being TV gold!’

“Looking back on it, I kept asking myself if it really happened.”

“Martin didn’t fall out with me - I fell out with myself. I put myself under too much pressure. But regardless of whether a camera crew had been there or not, I would have reacted in the same way.”

Despite her on-camera meltdown, Cat and Martin thoroughly enjoyed their experience and got on well with the two other couples taking part.

“Everyone was really nice - we got on like a house on fire!”

The episode of ‘Come Dine With Me’ will be broadcast tonight at 5 p.m. on Channel 4.