Baritone-pianist couple to perform in Falkirk for Classic Music Live project

Husband and wife duo, Phil Gault (baritone) and Claire Haslin (piano), will perform a concert at Falkirk Trinity Church
Husband and wife duo, Phil Gault (baritone) and Claire Haslin (piano), will perform a concert at Falkirk Trinity Church

A husband and wife who married after forming a baritone-pianist partnership are gearing up for a performance at the Faw Kirk.

Baritone Phil Gault and musician Claire Haslin will entertain a crowd at the Falkirk Trinity Church venue as part of a Classic Music Live initiative.

The concert will include works by Finzi, Ravel, Schubert and Copland.

Though the pair bonded through their passion for music, it was an argument involving the latter and a stubborn-minded tenor which brought Phil and Claire together.

Claire’s claims baritones were far superior to tenors were overheard by her now-husband who quickly realised she would make the ideal piano accompanist.

The duo first began working with one another in 2003 before going on to tie the knot and have a daughter, who is likely to make an appearance at the Falkirk show to help turn the piano music book.

This event takes place in the High Street church venue, opposite Marks & Spencer, from midday tomorrow (Friday) and includes a post-concert lunch deal in the main hall which adjoins the facility.

Tickets are priced at £5, or £2 for students, and are available at the door on the day.

Phil and Claire’s performance will be the second Classic Music Live show to be held in Falkirk this month.

The Hermes Experiment produced a rousing evening of entertainment when they took to the stage in Falkirk Town Hall on Friday, February 9.

It was reviewed by Alexander Wilson, who said: “This is an appropriate name for a group who present an international programme of arranged pieces from Russia, France, Hungary, Spain and Scotland.

“On February 9 this became even more experimental when the quartet lost vocalist Heloise Werner to a throat infection and rearranged their programme for the deliberately idiosyncratic trio of harp, clarinet and double base.

“This was an enforced experiment which worked perfectly.

“As a group supported by the Tunnell Trust for a tour of Scotland, they performed atmospherically beautiful arrangements.

“This was an evening of dreamy, soothing music of Prokofiev, Rachmaninov, Maxwell Davies, Gershwin, Leorno and Debussy with special arrangements and much enjoyed by everyone.”