Yang Sing proves buffet is dining of the future

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Max from ‘Phoenix Nights’ was wrong when he declared garlic bread was the future. It’s buffet dining, for me.

It was a busy Friday night at the restaurant despite it being middle of the month, not the end when most people are now traditionally paid.

When you enter, immediately to your left is a massive tank full of colourful fish bouncing off each other. Ironically, as I stood and admired the beauty of marine life it put me in the mood for eating fish.

The restaurant had both a busy and relaxed feel to it, as waiters and waitresses deftly went about their work while the mixture of diners ate or strolled up to the self serving area to choose what feast would adorn their next plate.

Personally I’m not used to buffet dining and was slightly confused to start with, but in the end found it a good way to pleasure the palate.

The choice on offer is vast from spare ribs, spring rolls, Singapore noodles, chow mein, curries, chips, battered mushrooms, steak, an assortment of vegetables, soup, rice, fritters, shredded beef, duck, pork, crispy seaweed with sauces ranging from kung po, Cantonese, black, oyster, sweet and sour and honey mango to hot and spicy. Phew.

There are seafood options but in solidarity with my finned friends at the front door I only opted for a couple of prawns with a sweet chilli sauce as a side on one of my dishes. I thought they’d have approved of my choice.

The beauty of the buffet is the fact that you can have whatever you want in any combination from as many trips to the chow bar as you can handle. I handled four, I think, purely for review purposes of course.

Desserts are decent with a choice of standard favourites everyone likes from cakes and profiteroles to fruits and ice cream, which you pour yourself from a machine.

Once you’ve finished a plate it doesn’t linger on your table either. The restaurant is well equipped with attentive staff who clear them with a minimum of fuss and you simply grab another clean one when you venture up again.

The restaurant’s dishwasher will certainly earn their night’s wage anyway, but the system works well with manager Thomas at the helm ensuring all the cogs are in place.

The takeaway service is also one I favour. I noticed one young woman coming in, paying her money then taking a plastic tub up and filling it to bursting with whatever took her fancy. I was surprised she managed to get the lid on, but fair play to her when she eventually did.

At the end I felt pretty much like that girl’s tub. In fact, I was so stuffed when I left I cancelled my plans to go to the pub afterwards forgoing an evening laced with alcohol in favour of vegging out on the couch. On the plus side I saved a few bob and the usual hangover, which is always welcome.

Yang Sing, 43 Union Road, Camelon, Falkirk. FK1 4PG. Telephone: (01324) 611288