School’s great staff deserve only praise

'Hogmanay Sunrise', Jim Thomson
'Hogmanay Sunrise', Jim Thomson

Sir, - I read your article about Carrongrange School with interest and a lot of anger.

As a mum of a pupil who attends Carrongrange I find the comments quite offensive.

The people who conducted these reports have no idea what a fabulous job the staff do on a day-to-day basis and in some cases under very trying situations. How can a decision be made on a child or a school’s future when a very short period of time has been set aside to observe the daily, weekly and monthly activity of that child or school?

Have any of these people experienced life with a child with additional support needs? I doubt it or they would be more sympathetic. My child has attended Carrongrange for several years and would not be the confident and happy young person they are today without the guidance and commitment of the teachers and staff.

Yes, I agree the school does not focus entirely on the academic side of school life which most of the pupils struggle with but, the life skills the child will need to survive in what is a very cruel world.

I am sure most of the parents of a child with additional support needs agree this is more important than gaining any academic acclaim.

Our children are taught and helped to be “all they can be” and focuses on their strengths be it academic or not.

Without Carrongrange our children would not reach their potential and may even be forgotten about by society something which happened in the past.

A return to the dark ages of education would be a tragedy, all to save money. You cannot put a price on a child reaching their potential and being happy doing it. When included in mainstream primary my child struggled and would have continued to struggle if they had gone on to the local high school and would have achieved very little.

As the journey through school progresses the gap between their peers becomes greater and more apparent.

Take them out of that situation and place them with children with similar abilities, they excel and learn to become a valued member of society able to stand on their own two feet and cope with day to day life.

There is no such thing as total inclusion in mainstream schools no matter what the authorities say.

Who would want their child to go to a school where they are excluded from classes because they cannot keep up with their peers either academically or physically? I am sure no parent would want that for their child. Doing this makes them appear “different” and leads them to be isolated, affect their confidence and fear going to school.

It can lead to bullying, as society on the whole cannot cope with anything or anyone who appears not to conform or is deemed as being “normal”.

Change the methods of teaching at Carrongrange and see what affect that change has on the pupils. I would not want my child to be anywhere else and I would not change anything in the way they are taught. A wonderful school and staff and I feel privileged that my child has had the opportunity to attend Carrongrange.

Without this school and its staff they would not be the person they are today. - Yours etc.,


earl’s Gate

Roundabout is shambles

Sir, - I had the privilege to use the “new layout” of Earls Gate roundabout. I would describe it as a complete shambles.

I have driven artics for many years. I have owned three 44 ton artics of my own. I have driven heavy haulage artics with nine axles, rear steer trailers, measuring over 75 feet in length and grossing out at 150 tonnes. I have driven all over the UK and Europe. I am no stranger to London. This roundabout is ridiculous. I was behind an artic on the roundabout. The artic looked like it was on a slalom course! My father was a driving instructor for 30 years. We used to laugh at some of the road markings and junction layouts in and around Falkirk. Some of them made no sense at all. It would appear there are two highway codes in this country - one for the UK and the other one for Falkirk Council. The roundabout in question seems to defy every rule of the road. I predict that there will be many insurance claims on this roundabout and possibly several incidents that the legal system calls road rage. There is no question at all that this roundabout will be put back to the way it was. When that does happen, all the time and money already spent will have been wasted. - Yours etc.,



dolphin club

Swim club reopens

Sir, - Members and potential members of The Dolphin Club - for swimmers with disabilities and special needs, are advised the club will resume at Grangemouth Sports Complex - swimming pool on Saturday, January 10, at 5 p.m. The club has been closed for about two months for swimming pool refurbishment.

It is normal for everyone to arrive by 4.45 p.m. the cost is £1 per person and everyone receives tea, coffee, juice and biscuits at the end of the swim about 6 p.m.

Members and anyone interested, are very welcome to come along on Saturday.

The club has a number of helpers to assist and encourage anyone with a disability or lacking in confidence. You can be assured of a warm welcome. - Yours etc.,

Ian Jenkins

Club Treasurer 1 Pardovan Place, Camelon


Site traffic is dangerous

Sir, - I live on the road entering the housing development at Kinnaird. Just off the Tryst roundabout as you enter into the estate, there is a large notice telling construction workers, delivery drivers etc, that they are not allowed to enter the area between 8.30 and 9.15 a.m., and 3.45 and 4.30 p.m.

On December 1, 2014 at about 8.50 a.m. in the morning I happened to look out of my window to see a young boy almost knocked down by a truck used for dumping top soil. So what? The truck should not have been on the road at that time due to the curfew on site traffic.

Since then, I have been in regular contact with a local councillor concerning the problem of site traffic entering the construction site during curfew times and little has changed. The last message I sent to the council asked that they now enforce the planning rules surrounding the development which included the curfew, designed to protect children travelling to and from Kinnaird Primary School. This mail was not answered, I have written to the council again this morning concerning traffic Tuesday, January 6 during the curfew morning times, a delivery of breeze blocks and rebar, three dumper trucks from Akaela the main contractor on the site.

Why should we be tolerant of negligent behaviour, time for the council to act, for the management of Calla, Persimmon and their sub-contractors to be publicly shamed and called to task.

Doing nothing is not an option, that leads to deaths!

- Your etc.,

Michael A Maciocia


carols success

Concert a great night

Sir, - May I, through your pages, say a big thank you to the following people who made our yearly Coffee with Carols Concert such a huge success.

Firstly, Mr Millar the headmaster of Denny High School, for allowing us the use of the school, and to all the pupils who performed. Mrs Muir, the music teacher for arranging the great programme of carols and musical instruments played and sung by the very talented pupils of the school.

Thanks also to must go to Ann Morton for the work she put into the catering and delegating the pupils on the night – serving teas and clearing away after the concert.

Thanks also to William, for donating the beautiful Christmas cake and all the people who helped in other ways to make the night such a success.

Between the Friends of Strathcarron Hospice and Denny High School we raised £2104 for the Hospice.

Sincere thanks to you all. - Yours etc.,

Betty McGuire,

Secretary, Denny and 
Dunipace Branch Friends of Strathcarron Hospice