It’s time to Boogie with the Bohemians!

In the spotlight are Kevin Chalmers (Roddy), Katie Gardiner (Debs) and David Young (Dean)
In the spotlight are Kevin Chalmers (Roddy), Katie Gardiner (Debs) and David Young (Dean)

sparkling entertainment – and not just from the yards of sequin on stage – was ​served up in this latest production from the Falkirk Bohemians talented team.

‘Boogie Nights’ it has to be admitted was a huge departure from the company’s usual shows, but the rapturous applause on Tuesday’s opening night were proof it was a risk worth taking.

While the audience were not quite dancing in the aisles, there was certainly plenty standing up, clapping along and enjoying the music from the 1970s.

And music there was aplenty – 53 numbers listed in the programme and every one brought back memories.

Without giving too much away about the hilarious plot, Roddy, played by Kevin Chalmers, is a Jack-the-lad who wants to be a rock star. His interaction with the audience, who immediately warmed to him, was brilliant.

Like everything about his life, Roddy couldn’t decide on his love interest –childhood sweetheart Debs (Katie Gardiner) or band singer Lorraine (Kirsty Meikle).

There’s no denying these two were the strongest singers in the cast and their duets of ‘Enough is Enough’ and ‘Last Dance/Reach Out’ had to be the highlights.

As always with the Bohemians, all those in the principal roles are well cast – Michael Coyne as friend Terry was hilarious, while Shelley Procek’s comedy timing as Trish was perfect.

Maurice Pryke (Spencer), David Young (Dean) and Darren Jalland (Eamon) are all superb, with Darren’s ‘All Shook Up’ a showstopper!

Artistic director Allan Graham and musical director Stuart Bird have to be congratulated on this high-energy production.

Special mention has to go choreographers Nicky Pyrah and Simon Hunter of Dynam-nic Dance. Their slick routines brought another dimension to this show and were brilliantly executed by the cast, who not only had to learn all the musical numbers but dance steps too.

‘Boogie Nights’ is on at Falkirk Town Hall until Saturday with curtain up at 7.30 p.m. Call 07900 905114 or 07926 082555 for latest ticket details.