Falkirk’s ‘world buffet’ puts a lot on your plate

Ricky D's world buffet fills you up
Ricky D's world buffet fills you up

The last time I did a restaurant review, I went along to my Scottish Slimmers class the following week, and tried to feign surprise when I’d put on weight.

“Cocktails and tapas will do that do you,” said the class leader. Busted!

I vowed to be more discreet in future with my diet cheating...well, until I decided to review an all you can eat buffet for this week’s paper...Sorry Denise!

Yes, Thursday night saw Brian and I head along to Ricky D’s World Buffet in Grahams Road. Formerly D’Yoga, the restaurant now offers a whole range of dishes from, as the name suggests, around the world. The menus tell you to “Take what you like but eat what you take” – so we did our best to follow this advice.

For starters, we chose a variety of nibbles; vegetable spring rolls and samosas, chicken pakora, tandoori chicken drumsticks, crab claws and deliciously spiced onions with papadums.

There was also an extensive salad bar too, with lots of freshly prepared vegetables and sauces. We both decided to have the sushi – Brian loves the stuff but I’d never tried it before so this was a perfect opportunity.

And it was really nice – the wasabi is ridiculously hot though.

For a main course , Brian opted for just one dish, the lamb bhuna, which was really tender and really tasty. I however, decided to try a bit of just about everything! Chicken teriyaki, chilli chicken, lamb bhuna and chicken korma – a crazy, but tasty combination!

The chicken just melted in my mouth, and everything was really fresh – put all thoughts of lukewarm holiday buffets out of your mind, this was a different class. Staff were regularly checking on the dishes and replenishing them when empty. To accompany the mains there was boiled or fried rice, noodles or even chips, along with naan bread. If oriental or spicy is not to your taste, there are lots of western dishes too, including macaroni cheese, and a special the night we were there – haggis, neeps and tatties! And another feature is the live cooking – burgers, fajitas, pasta and noodles can all be cooked freshly for you on demand.

For dessert, there was caramel shortcake, cheesecake along with various ice creams and toppings. I also loved the homemade tablet and the mini white chocolate rocky road was delicious.

After our meal we headed off to the cinema – and I didn’t even have room for popcorn... See! I was thinking about my diet after all!