Falkirk’s Park Gallery remembers value of horse power

Falkirk's Park Gallery hosts the exhibition until October 15
Falkirk's Park Gallery hosts the exhibition until October 15

A new exhibition at the Park Gallery will show how important horses were in driving the industrial revolution forward in Scotland.

Workhorse: The Clydesdales of Flanders Moss, which runs in the Callendar House venue until October 15, features a selection of photographs from Michael Prince.

The photographer and filmmaker said: “I’ve been photographing the Clydesdales at Flanders Moss in Stirling since 2013. I was immediately drawn to their beauty and presence as a potential subject and could see the visual possibilities in documenting some of their story within the exposed environment.

“Latterly I began shooting double exposures, on film rather that digital photographic processes, this has allowed the story of the Clydesdales to naturally evolve into one where the creature itself becomes the landscape.”

Workhorse is linked to the Horsepower event which will take place at the Helix Park – home of the Kelpies, the world’s largest equine sculptures – on September 9 in celebration of our relationship with horses.

A Park Gallery spokesperson said: “From the mid-18th century to the late 20th century life and work in Falkirk depended on horses for transport, military activity and industrial power. Falkirk was the hub of the lowland canal network and the barge-pulling horses that drove the economy were omnipresent.”

Visit www.thehelix.co.uk/all-events/horsepower for more.