Falkirk performer’s “purrfect” career move

Adam Lake in Cats
Adam Lake in Cats
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Feline fine is dancer Adam Lake who has begun rehearsals for his second tour with the hit musical ‘Cats’.

With performances scheduled for locations including Athens, Milan and Trieste, as well as throughout England and Wales, the 22-year-old is pinching himself at how his career has taken off.

He secured his first job touring with the German production of the hit Andrew Lloyd Webber musical immediately after graduating from Mountview Academy, London with a BA (Hons) in Musical Theatre.

Adam spent 10 months touring throughout Germany and Austria before returning to London last June.

His plans to audition for other musicals changed when he heard the production company wanted to see him and all the other UK dancers who had just completed the tour.

However, he admits that this tour should be a lot easier than the first time around because he will be able to sing in English.

He said: “We were rehearsing, learning all the music and dance moves, then we would have a phonetics class to try to improve our German. I have to admit it wasn’t always easy. I was the swing which meant I had to understudy the majority of the roles, so it was really tough.

”On top of that we used to go to ‘cat school’ where we would learn to think and move like a cat. It sounds bizarre but was really interesting.”

On Sunday Adam went to London for the first two weeks of rehearsals then flew out to Greece for another two weeks before the cast change and first night in Athens.

He will have the role of Alonzo, as well as covering Munkustrap and Rum Tum Tugger.

“I love ‘Cats’, it’s my favourite musical and it’s great to be part of it again,” he added.

“In Germany there were five of us for whom this was our first job. Everyone was very supportive of each other and the more experienced cast members were always happy to pass on advice. You can learn so much from them.”

Although he realises that he was fortunate to get his second job so quickly after finishing the first tour, Adam believes that it is important to realises it’s not so much luck but ability that helps people get work.

He said: “It’s not only luck, but more it’s being the right person for the role that gets you through the audition and secures a part. What I’ve realised is that it’s important to keep your head screwed on and work hard.”

Adam began dancing from an early age with his first steps in the studio at Stenhouse School of Dance where mum Lisa is one of the teachers and associates.

Although he had the opportunity to study at Scotland’s dance academy at Knightswood in Glasgow or go to the Royal Ballet School at 
White Lodge in London when he was 12, mum and dad Roy decided it was best he attended Larbert High for 
four years.

He then went to Knightswood for two years before doing the degree course at Mountview.

While he was home between tours, he worked with the Stenhouse pupils on his own version of ‘cat school’, an experience which his 
mum said he enjoyed as much as the pupils.

She said: “Everyone had a great time and it was a perfect opportunity for him to pass on some of what he has learned on tour.”