Falkirk Bohemians step up to the mark in ‘Grease’

'Grease' is proving a massive hit for Falkirk Bohemians
'Grease' is proving a massive hit for Falkirk Bohemians

Slipping effortlessly into their roles as the Rydell High Class of ‘59, were the talented members of Falkirk Bohemians.

Their production of ‘Grease’ had everything – great musical numbers, slick dance routines, hilarious script and fabulous staging.

Quite frankly, this has to be the best amateur musical performance I have ever seen at Falkirk Town Hall.

From the opening number to the final encore, the audience was enraptured by the verve and enthusiasm of everyone on the stage.

A packed crowd on opening night was transported back to America of the 1950s and the first day of term at Rydell High.

For those who don’t know the tale – is there anyone out there who hasn’t seen the film or the stage production? – nice girl Sandy meets rebel boy Danny at the beach during the summer break. However, he is more than a little surprised when he discovers she has enrolled at Rydell.

She is befriended by members of the Pink Ladies, the female sidekicks of greaser gang, the T-Birds. The tale of how Sandy is eventually accepted by the girls and gets her man has laughter, tears, and a liberal smattering of music and dance.

Stephanie Di Placido is a great find as Sandy. She looks fabulous in the role made famous by Olivia Newton John, and has a beautiful singing voice, particularly shown in her rendition of ‘Hopelessly Devoted to You’.

Lovable rogue Danny was wonderfully played by Iain Davidson, whose singing and dancing skills showed energy and enthusiasm.

Joyce Gallacher (Frenchy), Katie Gardiner (Marty) and Shelley Procek (Jan) were all brilliantly cast. Special mention to Lisa Goldie as Rizzo whose ‘Look at Me, I’m Sandra Dee’ and ‘There are Worse Things I Could Do’ were definite showstoppers – as the enthusiastic applause highlighted.

Maurice Pryke was a great Kenickie, while Michael Coyne (Doody), Darren Jalland (Roger) and Darren Tasker (Sonny) were all perfect as the other T-Birds.

But although there were plenty of leading roles, the whole cast were stars with the energy in numbers such as ‘Born to Hand Jive’, ‘Grease is the Word’ and ‘You’re The One That I Want’ quite simply, electrifying.

Congratulations also have to go to artistic/musical director Stuart Bird and choreographers Nicky Pyrah and Simon Hunter for their efforts in bringing ‘Grease’ to the Falkirk stage.

The show runs nightly until Saturday with a matinee on the final day, but unless you are like ‘Greased Lightin’, you may miss out on a fabulous show.

Cast: Danny Zuko, Iain Davidson; Sandy Dumbrowski, Stephanie Di Placido; Jan, Shelley Procek; Marty, Katie Gardiner; Betty Rizzo, Lisa Goldie; Doody, Michael Coyne; Roger, Darren Jalland; Kenickie, Maurice Pryke; Sonny LaTierri, Darren Tasker; Frenchy, Joyce Gallacher; Miss Lynch, Janice Gray; Patty Simcox, Marianne Heron; Eugene Florczyk, Matthew Knowles; Vince Fontaine, David Young; Cha-Cha DiGregorio, Chiara Sportelli; and Teen Angel, Kenny 

Chorus: Emma Bell, Chris Brooks, Niamh Brooks, Natalie Brown,Stephanie Bruce, Karen Chambers, Emma Christie, Roslyn Cox, Jaynah Culbert, Caitlin Dewar, Yvonne Dickson, Hannah Easton, Rebecca English, Colin Fawkes, Jennifer Glover, Louise Hamilton, Sarah Hannigan, Louise Harland, Ronnie Honey, Kirstin Jalland, Lisa Lake, Steffan McGechie, Kevin O’Raw, Hannah Reid, Chiari Sportelli, Gemma Taylor, Iona Turnbull, Kenny Walker, Gary Wilson and 
David Young.