Duck’s fits the bill for dining

Ducks restaurant.
Ducks restaurant.
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There’s a terrible temptation to say that you would be quackers to miss out on the chance to dine at Duck’s Restaurant, but that would trivialise an amazing dining experience.

Situated in the Main Street of East Lothian coastal village Aberlady, this quaint building, which dates back to the early 1600s, just oozes charm.

As well as the restaurant, there is a popular bistro called Donald’s – honestly, it’s named after Malcolm’s father – and an enticing coffee shop.

But we were lucky enough to be dining in Duck’s, which is a wonderful treat from start to finish. The first indulgence is the delightful amuse-bouches which are provided: as we ordered, there was a tasty mouthful of polenta and chickpeas, topped with Gorgonzola cheese and pear dressing, followed with a tasty helping of lentil soup with balsamic dressing.

Although the menu is not extensive, everything sounded so appetising it was hard to decide.

The presentation of every course was enticing, but that didn’t detract from the taste, which was sublime.

Pumpkin and ginger soup with winter vegetables had a tasty, warm breadstick on the plate, while the chef’s salad was something completely different, with slithers of Alexander grass, turnip, beetroot, fennel, pineapple, clementine, pome-granate and sea buckthorn sauce.

The fillet of turbot was cooked to perfection with roasted tomatoes, black olives and seasonal vegetables.

There may not be a lot of eating in quail, but Duck’s talented chef certainly knew how to present this duo of tiny birds – with the roasted version served with cider cooked apple and the lightly fried with a filo nest, tempura battered vegetables and a sweet red vinegar sauce.

Before we were asked if we want to see the dessert menu, a tiny helping of palate-cleansing frozen rhubarb yoghurt arrives.

Although the desserts sounded lovely, we had to decline. However, on my part that was only because I’d already spotted the hand-made petit fours which came with the coffee.

Tiny chocolate truffles and featherlight shortbread biscuits made the perfect end to this wonderful meal.

Owner Malcolm makes a point of coming round and speaking to all the diners, which is a nice touch.

He encourages everyone to make a return visit – and with food this good, who could resist such a welcome invitation?