Denny grandmother turns crime writer

Theresa McLennan publishes under her pen name, Theresa Mac. Picture: Michael Gillen
Theresa McLennan publishes under her pen name, Theresa Mac. Picture: Michael Gillen

A retired teacher and grandmother-of-two has explored the dark world of crime with her first published book.

‘Secrets and Scandals’ is a series of short stories by Theresa McLennan that draw on crimes and wrongdoing, from murder to theft.

The fictional work - which is written under the name Theresa Mac - was first started when she was in her mid-60s.

Theresa, from Denny, said: “I had been looking after my elderly mother at the time.

“I was spending quite a lot of time at home, and I just sat down in front of my little
typewriter and started to write.

“A few years later I was clearing out some cupboards and a few of the stories fell out.

“I thought to myself that I should really finish them, so I did that last year and I was lucky enough to have them published.”

Born and raised in Glasgow, Theresa has been living in the Falkirk district since the 1970s.

She began her working life as a secretary, but has taught office studies at universities in Bristol, Edinburgh and Stirling and also at the Adult Training Enterprise in Denny.

Throughout her life, Theresa’s said she has always had a strong interest in human behaviour and she studied psychology for a short time.

She said: “The interest in writing really began when I would write short stories for my daughter, and now I do it for my granddaughter.

“They have always enjoyed them and I have always enjoyed children stories and I’m hoping to have some children stories published soon.”

But ‘Secrets and Scandals’ is definitely not for youngsters.

The four stories tell the stories of four very different lives, what motivates the criminals and what effect their actions have on their victims.

Theresa added: “I suppose the inspiration came 
from reading and hearing stories in the news about terrible crimes.

“You wonder how any one could possibly do such a thing.”

Copies of ‘Secrets and Scandals’ can be purchased direct from the publisher at or by calling 01223 370012.