Cottoning on to a great venue

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Monday’s not normally a night I’d choose for a meal out ... but, with my four-year-old enjoying a sleepover at his grandma’s, it was too good an opportunity to miss.

Rather than opt for one of our regular eateries, my wife and I decided to try somewhere new ... and we weren’t disappointed.

We’ve regularly passed The Cotton House – just off the main road through Longcroft – on trips to Glasgow and it always looks busy so we’ve been keen to try it ourselves.

With its promise of ‘fine Oriental dining’, even on a wet and windy ‘school

night’ it was doing brisk business and it’s easy to see why.

It’s not the cheapest retaurant in the area – our meal came in at just over £50 without any alcoholic drinks – but it was worth every penny and we’ll certainly be back.

As soon as we were shown to our seats, a complimentary basket of prawn crackers appeared on the table – always a nice touch – and we munched our way through them as we perused the extensive and mouth-watering menu.

To get us going, I opted for the dim sum – delicious balls of pork which I’d happily order again – while Pauline was just as satisfied with the mini spring rolls with chilli dip and, having enjoyed a sneaky wee taste myself, I can heartily agree.

I’m a recent convert to foo yung so couldn’t resist ordering the chicken variety, which was perfectly presented and easily the best I have tasted.

At the other side of the table, the chicken and pineapple also got the thumbs up and certainly looked the part ... although there wasn’t much left for me to make my own judgement!

The basket of fried rice that accompanied the mains was more than enough for even the biggest of appetites and there was still a sizeable portion remaining when out plates we’re cleared.

While my wife enjoyed a refreshing cup of tea – served with a delicious square of tablet – to finish, I partook of some far eastern toffee apples – purely in the interests of the review of course.

While they won’t do much for my waistline, they were the perfect way to sign off on an excellent meal.

The moist apples were encased in a sesame seed-covered batter and the generous portion was served with a deliciously sweet 

What’s not to enjoy?

Unlike some restaturant reviews, we at The Falkirk Herald prefer to concentrate on the food but I can’t finish without mentioning the decor at The Cotton House.

Forget the traditional image of a Chinese restaurant with red lanterns and Oriental prints, this is plush, modern and relaxing – even the toilets are sparkling!

With a takeway service also offered, I’m sure the Cotton House will become a regular haunt of mine in the future.

The Cotton House, 209 Longcroft Trade Centre, Longcroft FK4 1QQ. Telephone (01324) 840840. Click here to visit The Cotton House

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