IN PICTURES: Pinocchio show is fantastic '“ and that's no lie!

Big Bad Wolf's 10th anniversary show of Disney's My son Pinocchio will blow you away '“ and that's no lie!

By The Newsroom
Wednesday, 1st February 2017, 11:51 am
Updated Wednesday, 1st February 2017, 11:55 am
The full cast of Big Bad Wolf's Pinocchio. Picture: Michael Gillen
The full cast of Big Bad Wolf's Pinocchio. Picture: Michael Gillen

I’ve got a decent sized snout on my face so I’m not risking it getting any bigger by telling porkies so when I say it’s brilliant – it really is.

The children’s theatre company’s latest adaptation started on Tuesday at Falkirk Town Hall and will thrill audiences until Saturday when the run ends. The special anniversary show also marks the final bow for Heather Watkins who goes out on a high with an assured and confident performance as the Blue Fairy who makes Geppetto’s (Lewis Dawson) wish to have a son come true.

Blessed with a cracking voice, young Heather was sensational alongside Lewis who portrays toy maker Geppetto with great emotion.

The full cast of Big Bad Wolf's Pinocchio. Picture: Michael Gillen

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    The twist in the tale in this show is that after Pinocchio comes to life, Geppetto is devastated when the boy doesn’t want to enter the family business and spends his time trying to convince the Blue Fairy to take him back. That is until he realises he loves him just the way he is.

    The other fairies – Jessica Riddoch, Hannah Parsons, Daisy Campbell and Lucy Smith – are all hilarious and very talented, especially the little one with attitude who has a few stinging lines.

    Duncan Brown is tremendous as Pinocchio and, dare I say it, really brought the character to life and there was another storming performance from the captivating Alexandra Kerr , who I remember from last year’s show, as the wicked Stromboli.

    Her little Marionettes Kieran McNiven and Rowan Brockie had the audience in stitches with their facial expressions. Iona Kelly, Katie Craigen, Emily Fawkes, Euan Arthur and Grace McBride were also hilarious as animals who wanted to be other animals.

    The full cast of Big Bad Wolf's Pinocchio. Picture: Michael Gillen

    Other funny characters were Callum Allan as Professor Buonragazzo and his son Junior, Josh Stewart, who kept the crowd chuckling with their double act. Shelby Walker is brilliant in her solos, as were her sidekicks Abby renwick, Rebecca Hall, Sasha Chatburn and Lois McKean.

    The dancers are absolutely awesome with their energetic routines. The other principal characters Jennifer Anderson, Robbie Allan, Sophie Kennedy, Eve Pearson, Lily McGuire, Bethany Spowart, Casey-Jo Kennedy, Alessandro Sportelli, Lochlan Black, Caitlin Peattie-Hume and Jenna Loutfi all put solid performances, as did the rest of the cast who made it a brilliant show well worth going to see.

    The show runs every night at 7pm until Saturday. Tickets can be purchased on (01324) 506850.

    For the full cast list and more pictures visit

    Big shout out to the production team who put the show together: Lindsay Dowell (director); Nadine McKenzie Judge (choreographer); Jonathan Graham (musical director); Emma Wilson (assistant director); Emma Watkins (assistant choreographer); and Sheena Graham (assistant musical director).

    The choreography for such a big cast was tremendous and the music, which included the songs When You Wish Upon A Star, Pleasure Island, I’ve Got No Strings and Geppetto and Son, as well as the Big Bad Wolf medley at the end had the toes tapping in the aisles. Costumes were also terrific.

    Well done to everyone involved.


    Pinocchio, Duncan Brown; Geppetto, Lewis Dawson; Blue Fairy, Heather Watkins; Stromboli, Alexandra Kerr; Arancia, Hannah Parsons; Rosa, Daisy Campbell; Viola, Lucy Smith; Sue, Jessica Riddoch; Buonragazzo, Callum Allan; Maria, Jennifer Anderson; Bernardo, Robbie Allan; Horse, Iona Kelly; Fox, Grace McBride; Mother Fox, Katie Craigen; Pig, Euan Arthur; Lamb, Emily Fawkes; Signora Giovanni, Abby Renwick; Talia, Caitlin Peattie-Hume; Junior, Josh Stewart; Town Person 1, Shelby Walker; Town Person 2, Lois McKean; Delinquent 1, Sophie Kennedy; Delinquent 2, Eve Pearson; Child 1 in Idyllia, Bethany Spowart; Child 2 in Idyllia, Lily McGuire; Child 3 in Idyllia, Alessandro Sportelli; Child 4 in Idyllia, Casey-Jo Kennedy; Child 5 in Idyllia, Lochlan Black; Child in Toys, Jennah Loutfi; Mother in Toys, Rebecca Hall; Boy 1, Aidan Harland; Boy 2, Ross Sinclair; Girl, Katy Walsh; Twin 1, Orla Cannon; Twin 2, Miya Johnston; Marionnette 1, Rowan Brockie; Marionette 2, Kieran McNiven; Ringleader, Shelby Walker; Vendor, Sasha Chatburn.


    Amy Allan, Kayleigh Alston, Nadine Anderson, Kirstin Bell, Eilidh Black, Karis Black, Megan Broadley, Abi Clark, Ella Dowell, Olivia Fawkes, Amy Gallacher, Chloe Gallacher, Ysabelle George, Jennifer Hall, Jenna Hamilton, Alice Haughton, Isla Houston, Zoe Johnston, Natalie Johnstone, Abi Kelly, Beth Kilpatrick, Taylor Milne, Erin MacInnes, Lucy McNaughton, Kia Mungall, Blair Reid, Kara Russell, Abbie Stewart, Nicole Swan, Kirsten White, Sarah Williamson, Millie Wright.